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Edward L. Vezey, Ph.D.


Biology Lead Instructor 

University Address: 
OSU-OKC Science Department 
900 N. Portland Avenue 
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73107-6195 

Health Technology Building, Room HT-300C
Phone: 405-945-9110 

Science Department: 
Dept Secretary: 405-945-9112 
FAX: 405-945-9158

Office Hours

My classroom teaching and office hour schedule is available at the following link: Vezey semester schedule  (I do not teach classroom classes or have specific office hours during the summer semester.)  You will find me very contactable any semester by emailing me or calling my office phone.  Your emails and phone messages come to my computer, cell phone and tablet, and I will usually get back with you VERY quickly.

Of course, you may make a face-to-face office visit if you so desire.  (And I will be very happy to talk with you!)  Please keep in mind that - as with all professors - I have a fair number of meetings and appointments (etc) over the course of a year.  And so if you are coming very far from campus to see me, you should make an appointment.  On the other hand, if you are on campus anyway, feel free to drop by without an appointment.

Accepted and Preferred Communication Methods

I am happy (and consider it my responsibility) to answer your emails and phone calls very quickly. For me, that includes evenings and weekends.  Emails are usually easier for me to answer quickly than phone calls.  The "standard" response time for online instructors is 24 hours, but I almost always do considerably better than that.  Bottom line: Contact me when you are having a problem.  Except for unusual circumstances, you will hear from me very soon.


Institution Degree / Course of Study
  Completion Date 
Friendswood High School (Friendswood TX) 
         High School Pics
Texas A&M University (College Station TX) 
         Aggie Daze
B.S. (Physics)
Cameron University (Lawton OK) Teaching Curriculum
The University of Oklahoma (Norman OK) M.S. (Botany)
The University of Oklahoma (Norman OK) 
Ph.D. (Botany); the late Dr. John J. Skvarla was my M.S. & Ph.D. major professor

Selected Career Highlights


My wife Joneta and I have a blended family that includes seven children, six children-in-law, and 19 grandchildren.  Grandchildren range from 22 years old to less than a year.  One grandchild is married and another engaged - but no great-grandchildren yet.

My father Edward E. Vezey, Jr. was the last surviving Oklahoman who was aboard the USS Oklahoma during the Pearl Harbor attack on December 7, 1941.  He died at age 95 on January 2, 2016.  He was often asked to speak and share his perspective about service to country.  He made the trip to Hawaii every December for many years running, and was a speaker at the annual commemoration ceremony there.  The following video - designed by my daughter Rebekah - was shown at his memorial service.