Dedicated December 7, 2007


Dad spoke at the dedication ceremony.  Other speakers included

the Governors of Oklahoma and Hawaii.



Several hundred people attended the ceremony, including a large contingent from the State of Oklahoma.



After the ceremony with family.  Back row:  Brothers Ed, Pete and Stu. 

Front row: Dorothy, Dad and Stu's wife Denise.



Dad and wife Dorothy at the Memorial.  In the background is the USS Missouri, now a floating museum,

anchored at the exact spot where the USS Oklahoma was attacked. 



Brother Pete (in picture) and I came back the next day (December 8, 2007).  The Memorial has one marble pillar

for each sailor and marine who died in the attack.



Pete and me near the bow of the USS Missouri.  The USS Oklahoma was anchored in the exact same spot

when she was attacked, but  faced the opposite direction (toward the south).



From high on the USS Missouri, looking west toward the USS Oklahoma Memorial on Ford Island.



Looking west across the USS Missouri, the USS Oklahoma Memorial, and Ford Island.