Oklahoma State University-Oklahoma City

Out-of-State Travel Procedures

Request for Approval


Approval of the out-of-state travel and airfare estimate form must be obtained thirty days in advance, and prior to registration or finalizing travel arrangements. The out-of-state travel form requires the approval of your immediate supervisor or Department Head, your Vice President and the President. The electronic form is available on the OSU-OKC website under travel. Complete the form on-line, print and submit for required signatures.


Airfare estimates are obtained by contacting the current state-approved travel agent, Bentley Hedges Travel Service, Inc., (405) 237-3333 and using the lowest airfare available. Usually it is non-refundable.


Airfare estimates submitted on the form must be finalized within twenty-four hours to guarantee the quoted price. Submitting the form without all required signatures could delay finalizing the airfare and possibly result in a price increase.


If you elect to drive and a school vehicle is not available, you must provide an airline cost comparison with the out-of-state form. You will be reimbursed the lesser cost of mileage vs. the airline ticket amount submitted on your out-of-state travel form.




Lodging reservations must be booked at the designated Conference site hotel and secured with the employee’s personal credit card. If approved to use your P-card for lodging, a preauthorization form must be completed. If you have questions, please contact purchasing.


If the Conference site hotel will accept direct billing, and approval has been received from your Vice President, contact Janet Bryant and a purchase order number will be provided.


If lodging is not available at the designated Conference site hotel and there is not a secondary hotel, you may stay at any other hotel as long as the price is not more than the designated hotel site.


If there is not a conference site hotel, you will need to go to the gsa.gov website listed below and find out what the max lodging is for that city/state. If neither the city nor the county is listed, the location standard rate of $70.00 will be used for lodging.




Reimbursement for lodging requires the original check-out statement from the hotel showing a $0.00 balance. Reimbursement will cover the room rate, including tax and phone calls made to Oklahoma State University-Oklahoma City only. Room service billed to your hotel room is considered a per diem expense and will not be included in lodging reimbursement.




Upon receipt of the approved out-of-state travel form, we will finalize the purchase of the airline ticket and send you an itinerary provided by the travel agency.


If you receive a paper ticket rather than an electronic one, it will be held in the Business Services vault. It will be your responsibility to pick up the ticket the last business day before your departure.


Complimentary tickets (2 for 1 offers) are considered state property and can only be used by an employee of Oklahoma State University-Oklahoma City.


Per Diem


Out-of-State per diem rate is based on a 24 hour period. Rates may be obtained at http://www.gsa.gov/Portal/gsa/ep/contentView.do?contentType=GSA_BASIC&contentId=17943&noc=T by selecting the city/state you will be traveling to. If neither the city nor the county is listed, the location standard rate of $39.00 per day will be used for meals.


The 24-hour period begins when the employee starts travel status and ends when the employee stops travel status. Travel status can begin up to 24 hours prior to a conference start time and end up to 24 hours after conclusion.


There is a deduction of ¼ of the per diem rate for meals provided by the conference. Continental breakfast is not considered a meal.


Room service charged to a hotel bill is considered a per-diem expense.


Parking, shuttle or taxi service is not considered a per diem expense and must have an official receipt for reimbursement


Filing the Reimbursement Form


The Travel reimbursement form must be completed within ten days following the completion of your trip.


The travel reimbursement form is available at OSU-OKC website under Travel Information. Complete the form, attach all required documentation and submit to Business Services for processing.