Oklahoma State University-Oklahoma City

Air Travel

Instructions for Completing the Oklahoma State University OUT-OF-STATE Travel Request and Airline Ticket Requisition


(1) Travel Requisition Number


Business Office Use Only.


(2) Estimated Expenses: Lodging


Estimate of lodging expenses.


(3) Estimated Expenses: Per Diem (Meals)


Need to go to the per diem website to find out what your per diem rate will be. Web site is http://www.gsa.gov/Portal/gsa/ep/contentView.do?contentType=GSA_BASIC&contentId=17943&noc=T


(4) Estimated Expenses: Transportation


If driving personal vehicle, provide an airline cost comparison.


(5) Estimated Expenses: Other Expenses


Phone calls to your office, parking, shuttle, taxi, and tolls.


(6) Total of Above


Sum of 2 through 5 calculated by computer


(7) Airfare If Prepaid by OSU


Call the state-approved travel agent – currently Bentley Hedges Travel Service, Inc. at (405) 685-7401 to tentatively schedule your reservation.

  • Use the lowest available airfare.
  • Only a University employee can use a free airfare ticket (2 for 1 offers). Complimentary tickets are considered state property.

(8) Total Estimated Expenses


Sum of 6 and 7 calculated by computer.


(9) Employee Name


Enter the employee’s name.


(10) Title


Enter the employee’s job title.


(11) CWID


Enter the employee’s campus wide id number.


(12) Account Title


Enter the name of the account to be charged.


(13) Account Number


Enter the account number as follows:

  • A – always use AF
  • L-ledger is 1,3,5 or a 9
  • Dept.-5 digit part of the account number
  • FY-current year
  • Order number-leave blank

(14) Prepared by/Extension/Date


Enter the preparer’s name, telephone extension, and the date of the request which must be 30 days prior to the date of departure.


(15) Description of Trip:


Include the name, date, time and purpose of the conference.


(16) Destination:


Name of the airline, departing date-time and return date-time.


(17) Remarks:


Enter A# for registration. Additional information if applicable.


(18) Signatures:


Signature of employee traveling.


(19) Approval:

  • Immediate Supervisor
  • Division Head
  • Vice President for the appropriate area
  • President

(20) Signature Upon Completion of Trip:


Signed upon the return of the employee certifying use of the above direct purchase airline ticket.