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My Information




Tracy Edwards, MS, RN, CNE

Associate Vice President

Academic Affairs

B.S., Southern Nazarene University

M.S., University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center

PhD (in progress), Capella University


Office Phone: (405) 945-3376

Office Email: tracy@osuokc.edu

Academic Affairs Podcast

This will serve as the temporary home for the Academic Affairs Podcast.

During my time as faculty, there was an undercurrent of concern about communication across campus. With that in mind, I developed the idea of a podcast to share information. The intent of the podcast is to provide the OSU-OKC community with the happenings within the Academic Affairs office in an informal, yet informative, manner.

If there are things you would like to hear in the podcast, if you have comments/questions/concerns, etc, please feel free to contact me at tracy@osuokc.edu.


Episode 1