Oklahoma State University-Oklahoma City

Student Resources

The best all-in-one website for students wanting to attend an Oklahoma college or university is OKCollegeStart. It offers students help with many areas of future planning. Topics you can explore on-line include the following:

  1. planning for college;
  2. exploring colleges;
  3. investigating careers;
  4. paying for college;
  5. preparing for tests (like the ACT, SAT and other exams); and
  6. applying for colleges and sending transcripts on-line.

OKCollegeStart even helps you keep track and manage your personal information. Other websites listed below also can be helpful with specific topics.


ACT Preparation


Career Exploration


College Search


Financial Aid and Scholarships




Veterans’ Resources

Study Aids


Resources available at the Talent Search Office

  • ACT prep workbooks
  • ACT registration packets
  • Occupational Outlook Handbook
  • Career-choice information
  • Informative materials on colleges both in and out-of-state