Oklahoma State University-Oklahoma City

OSU-Oklahoma City’s Information Systems and Technologies Department provides students with the opportunity to acquire fundamental knowledge and hands-on skills in a variety of information technology and computer information systems areas. The department offers both majors and on-majors with a strong foundation in computer skills that is appropriate to their professional goals and with the knowledge and skills required to become a contributing member of society. Our faculty and staff are dedicated to provide students with the principles and practices of information systems and technology theory required for tomorrow’s technical careers. The learning experience is enhanced by our small class sizes, which allows for excellent instructor-student interaction. Upon completion of their program of study, each student has the option to begin working in their chosen career field or they can further their studies in a bachelor-level program.


The Information Systems and Technologies Department is committed to provide cutting-edge instruction in the following programs:


For More Information Contact:

René Hurst, M.Ed.
Department Head, Information Systems & Technologies
(405) 945-3269
E-Mail: hurstn@osuokc.edu