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Program Overview:


The SSOC strives to use both tutoring and supplemental instruction to support OSU-OKC students’ learning. Individual tutoring provides a student with clear structure and a technique for how to approach challenging material, while stimulating the learning process. A good tutor can help a student to develop the self-awareness (meta-cognitive skills) needed to succeed in applying learning strategies independently. Similarly, supplemental instruction (or SI) is a peer-facilitated academic support program that attempts to improve student performance and retention by offering regularly scheduled, out-of-class, group study sessions. The SSOC offers the Tutors in the Classroom program to support both individual tutoring in the classroom with supplemental instruction and group work outside of the classroom.


The Tutors in the Classroom program is designed to support student learning. Tutors in the classroom (or, TCs) have three primary roles:

  1. A TC is placed in a course section anywhere from several hours a week to once a semester to assist the instructor and to become familiar with the class work and assignments.
  2. Tutors will facilitate group study sessions outside of class time to help students with their understanding of class assignments.
  3. Students can make individual tutoring appointments with their TC during specific hours in the SSOC.

What exactly does the TC do in the classroom? TCs placed in course sections are there to assist the instructor while he/she is present in the classroom. TCs can help in the following ways:

  • Assist students with questions while working on homework in the classroom.
  • Assist with review sessions or group work.
  • Assist in proctoring tests.
  • Assist in classroom logistics (handing out papers, setting up technology, distributing materials, etc.).

For more information see our Tutors in the Classroom FAQ sheet.


Course sections that have previously requested TCs:

  • GEN 0105
  • ICSM 0213
  • MATH 1513
  • ICSW 0033

What are faculty saying about the TC program?


"[Our TCs] are both doing excellent jobs. I know several of my students have also sought them out for individual tutoring. I am very grateful to have them during lab days. I know students sometimes feel more comfortable and are more receptive to help from someone who is not their instructor. I appreciate their professionalism and knowledge of the material."


"[The TCs] have been faithful and helpful coming each week this semester. There are 35 students in the Intermediate Algebra on Computer Class and it is just impossible for one person to help everyone. With two of us answering questions, it doesn't seem so overwhelming."


To request a TC for your classroom, please do so by submitted the “Request a Tutor ” form. For more information, please see the Tutors in the Classroom FAQ .


FYI Video Series

The SSOC also provides a study skill video series called FYI. The FYI Video Series curriculum is based on the Student Success Strategies course offered at OSU-OKC through the ICS Division, and topics range from note-taking, to learning styles, to health tips. For a complete list of the FYI Video Series topics, click here.


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Bank of America
The Tutors in the Classroom Project at OSU-OKC is funded through Bank of America.