Oklahoma State University-Oklahoma City


Deadline for Application:

May 31

Cardiovascular Sonography Majors may take the TEAS ATI entrance exam twice year, and the highest score will be accepted. Applicants must wait at least 90 days prior to retaking the test.

Call 945-8648 for scheduling information.

For questions or more information, please call 405-945-8698.

Academic Advisor

Gaytra Newcomb

Gaytra Newcomb
Academic Advisor
AH - Allied Health, Room 1203
(405) 945-3313

Application Procedures and Information



Applicants must have:

  • Application to the specific program of study.
  • All Official College/University Transcripts attended.
  • Original Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigations (OSBI) Background Check (to include supplemental criminal, violent offender and sex offender checks)
  • TEAS Examination Score Result Sheet (offered in the OSU-OKC Testing Center)
  • Any Summer Class Schedule/Enrollment Certificate
  • Before the fall you are applying for if taking a Summer Course, the Completed Official Summer Transcript(s).


  1. Be admitted to OSU-OKC. Your application will not be considered until you are admitted.
  2. Complete application form for the Cardiovascular Sonography Program.
  3. Bring or mail official transcripts of all college courses to the Cardiovascular Sonography Department. A cumulative grade point average of at least 2.5 (C) on academic work completed is necessary in order to be considered for the cardiovascular program.
  4. TEAS exams require a testing fee. Students must pay the fee in the Business office. The student must then bring the receipt to the Assessment Center and schedule an appointment. After the appointment has been made, if the student will not be able to make the appointment, the student must call the Assessment Center and reschedule the exam (405-945-8648). An exam may be rescheduled only once. Student must call before the scheduled test time to cancel in order to receive a refund.
  5. Bring in or mail an official, current (within 3 months of deadline) Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigations (OSBI) background check check, to include a criminal history check, a sex offender registry report, and a violent offender check. If you have been an Oklahoma resident less than six (6) months, you will need to submit a background check from your last state of residency. This out-of-state check must also include a criminal check, a sex offender check, and a violent offender check (if they are offered). This out-of-state check must also be official and current, within three (3) months of applying.
  6. Submit your pre-clinical vaccination/shot records to the Cardiovascular office upon being admitted to the program.
    • Two negative Tuberculin (TB) skin test within the last six (6) months.
    • Mumps/Measles/Rubella (MMR)-Two MMR immunizations or a titer for each showing immunity.
    • Hepatitis B Series (3 shots), a titer, or a signed declination waiver form by the student.
    • Two Varicella (Chicken Pox) immunizations or one titer showing immunity.
    • Annual flu shot.
  7. The final step in the program admission process will be a 15 to 20 minute panel interview of the top scoring applicants. The panel will consist of various representatives of the organization who will evaluate the candidate using an evaluation rubric. Each panel interviewer will fill out an evaluation sheet and rate the candidate on key requirements for the program. After all interviews are conducted, panelists rank the candidates, and once a consensus is reached, the final applicants are chosen. The remaining applicants will be considered alternates.

NOTE: Admission to the Cardiovascular Sonography program may be denied to any student with a positive criminal history.


Due to high volume of requests for applications received, it is the student’s responsibility to ensure that all transcripts, and other required application materials have been sent to and received by the Diagnostic Medical Sonography office prior to the deadline date.