Oklahoma State University-Oklahoma City

Welcome to the OSU-Oklahoma City Office of Safety and Security. Campus security is provided 24 hours a day, seven days a week by OSU-Oklahoma City Campus Security. Campus Security constantly patrols parking lots, building, and grounds. As a precaution, car doors, office doors, classroom doors, and other areas should be locked and secured when not occupied or scheduled for activities. If anyone suspicious is observed in or around the campus area, contact the Office of Safety and Security immediately.



The OSU-Oklahoma City Office of Safety and Security is located on the first floor of the Business Technologies Building, Room 100.


How to Contact Security

  • Daytime Staff Line: 945-3253 (Ext. 253)
  • 24-hour service: 405-945-9111 (for emergency OR non-emergency)
  • TEXT Message for our deaf and hard of hearing customers: 405-659-7072 (for emergency OR non-emergency)