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In-State/Out-of-State Status

In-State/Out-of-State status for tuition purposes is determined according to Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education policy.

If you feel that your initial classification is incorrect, you can complete the Petition for In-State Status and return it to the Admission's Office.


In-State Status Guidelines

Determination of in-state status for purposes of attendance at an institution in the Oklahoma State System of Higher Education is based primarily on the issue of domiciliary intent.

  1. The burden of proof of in-state status, including providing any supporting documentation, shall be on the applicant.
  2. Attendance at a postsecondary educational institution, albeit a continuous and long term experience does not establish in-state status. Therefore, a student neither gains nor loses in-state status solely by such attendance.
  3. Students attending an Oklahoma college or university may perform many objective acts, some of which are required by law (i.e. payment of taxes), and all of which are customarily done by some out-of-state students who do not intend to remain in Oklahoma after graduation but are situational and necessary and/or voluntary (i.e. registering to vote, obtaining a driver’s license). Such acts and/or declarations are insufficient evidence of intent to remain in Oklahoma beyond the college experience.
  4. An out-of-state student attending an Oklahoma college or university on more than a half-time basis is presumed to be in the state primarily for educational purposes.
  5. An individual is not deemed to have acquired in-state status until he or she has been in the state for at least a year primarily as a permanent resident and not primarily as a student. Likewise, an individual classified as in-state shall not be reclassified as out-of-state until 12 months after having left Oklahoma to live in another state.
  6. Each spouse in a family shall establish his or her own status on a separate basis. Exceptions include the following: when out-of-state status individual marries a person with in-state status, the out-of-state individual may be considered in-state after documentation of the marriage and proof of domicile.
  7. Initial classification as out-of-state shall not prejudice the right of a person to be reclassified thereafter for following semesters or terms of enrollment as in-state provided that he or she can establish domicile.
  8. An individual who provides evidence of having come to Oklahoma to practice a profession on a full-time basis, conduct a business full-time, or work on a full-time basis shall be immediately classified as in-state status along with the individual’s spouse and dependents so long as they continue in such full-time employment capacity.
  9. Military Personnel: Members of the armed forces who provide evidence that they are full-time active duty in the armed forces stationed in Oklahoma or temporarily present through military orders shall be immediately classified upon admission as in-state status along with their spouse and dependent children. Further, when members of the armed services are transferred out-of-state, the member, their spouses and dependent children shall continue to be classified as in-state as long as they remain continuously enrolled.
  10. Documented Foreign Nationals: Documented foregn nationals may attend as postsecondary students if they have appropriate educational visas. These individuals are eligible for in-state classification if they become lawful permanent residents, have resided in Oklahoma for at least 12 consecutive months, and meet domicile requirements as set forth in this policy.

This policy is in compliance with Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education Academic Policy, Chapter 3, Section 17..

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