Oklahoma State University-Oklahoma City

Accounting Small Order/Fast Pay System

The Accounting Small Order/Fast Pay System is designed to expedite payments to vendor for purchases made through the Small Order/Fast Pay System. The Small Order/Fast Pay System is to be used only for invoices that are $1499.00 or less in total.



To process an invoice through the small order system please follows the steps listed below. Certain exceptions and oddities exist within these procedures; these will be discussed as necessary. All of the information below is required before an invoice will be processed for payment.


Step 1

A person in each area has been assigned to call Accounts Payable at ext. 299 for a "A" number. Check with your area secretary for the name of that person. If that line is busy your phone call will transfer to ext. 292. Our office hours are 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and we are closed from 12:00 p.m. to 1:00 p.m. for lunch. If you are not the designated person in your area, you will not be allowed to call for a purchase order number.


Step 2

If you are the designated person to call for a purchase order number "A" you will need to have the following information ready before a "A" number can be given to you.


Step 3

We will need vendor name, account number to be charged, and an approximate dollar amount. If you have a vendor that requires a hard copy purchase order see sample attached.


Step 4

If you use a local vendor and receive an invoice please be sure that we have your Division Head's and Vice Provost's signature. We would like this signature to be in the upper right hand corner of the invoice, the account number again listed under the signature, and be dated.


Step 5

On orders that are placed outside of the local area or a vendor who invoices, we will be sending the original invoice to your area (or if your area receives the invoice) please use the same procedures as in step 4.


Step 6

Review all invoices for proper descriptions. We must have a complete description on the invoice, not a catalog number. It is very difficult for Purchasing to properly classify an expenditure if we cannot tell if an item is used for maintaining existing equipment, new equipment, classroom supplies, etc. by a catalog number. If the invoice is for a subscription or membership we need to know beginning and ending dates. A registration invoice must have who attended, date of the seminar, and location of the seminar and T number if the attendee(s) filed travel.


If you purchase items for a special event we need to know the date of the event, the name of the event and who attended the event. Remember that we will not always understand what was purchased and with your help this will eliminate phone calls for information about items on the invoice.


Step 7

Assign the departmental account number you wish the expenditure to be charged against. More then one-account number may be used to pay an invoice; however, if you split accounts be certain to clearly indicate the amount to be paid from each different account. Be certain the amounts assigned to all accounts equal the total amount of the invoice.


Step 8

Be certain the vendor's Federal Identification Number (FEI) is either printed on the invoice by the company or written on the invoice by the department.


Step 9

Circle the amount to be paid in red ink. Amount of invoice should not include any sales tax, finance charge, or late payment fees. Oklahoma State University is a state agency and is exempt from any state sales tax. See attached sales tax letter. Finance charges or late payment fees cannot be paid through the small order system.


Step 10

The invoice must be signed by the Division Head and the appropriate Vice President for your area in the upper right hand corner.


Step 11

The following information on the invoice must be highlighted and legible:

  1. vendor name
  2. vendor FEI
  3. remittance address
  4. fast pay number
  5. invoice date
  6. invoice number

Step 12

Double check the accuracy and the completeness of the information listed on the invoice. If you are satisfied the information is accurate, mail or deliver the invoice(s) to the Purchasing Department AD 201.


Step 13

After the invoices are coded in our area we will mail a copy back to you for your records.