Oklahoma State University-Oklahoma City

Notarized Claim Form


When to use a Notarized Claim Form.

  1. Honorariums
  2. Professional Service Contracts--cannot make payments to employees or adjuncts, must submit these costs through payroll.

Instruction for completing a Notarized Claim Form.

  1. Must complete a Purchase Request. The claim form must be signed by the person performing the service as the claimant. The form must have the payee's Social Security Number or FEI #. The remaining portion of the form will be completed by the Purchasing Department.
  2. If this is for a Professional Service Contract, must complete a Purchase Request, sign a notarized claim form, and sign the attached Professional Service Contract. The claimant must submit an invoice for services.
  3. Submit all forms to Purchasing Department, AD 201.
  4. Takes approximately 2 weeks for payment to be issued.