Oklahoma State University-Oklahoma City

Experience the Most Effective Driver Training Tool available for Learning Vehicle Control!

Many crashes could be avoided if the driver understood their vehicle limitations and knew the driving techniques required in an emergency situation or inclement weather. OSU-OKC has the only public-accessible SkidSUV in the southwestern region. The SkidSUV system is an advanced driver training solution that teaches drivers to anticipate vehicle control problems prior to occurrence.


During SkidSUV training, drivers experience how a vehicle will react in situations that can cause traction loss – including adverse weather – excessive speed, rapid braking or steering errors. Unlike other programs that teach reactionary motor skills, SkidSUV trains drivers to think, maintain control and avoid trouble ahead of time.


Curriculum includes:

  • Behind-the-wheel training in OSU-OKC’s SkidSUV
  • How to control and avoid all types of skids
  • Winter/wet weather driving skills
  • Concepts of vehicles dynamics
  • Defensive driving techniques
  • Collision avoidance maneuvers
  • Emergency braking techniques (ABS vs. non-ABS)

This training is designed to improve driver awareness and skills that can be applied to all types of vehicles and driving conditions. Drivers of all ages and experience will have the time of their life while learning the driving skills that could save it!


SKidSUV training is introduced in all Precision Driver Training courses or for those wanting more advanced training, enroll now in “The Ultimate Classroom.”


Skid Car In Action