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Budget Your Cowboy Cash

Budgets…blah! Is that what you’re thinking? If you’re like most college students, you may think you need lots of money to benefit from a budget. Or, you may view budgets as restrictive and boring. Budgets aren’t really about limiting your purchasing power; they’re about spending your money wisely. You like to spend, right? Who doesn’t?


Creating a budget, also known as a spending plan, helps you decide where to spend your hard-earned money. By creating categories for your bills, housing, transportation and entertainment, you can more effectively monitor your money and ensure it’s going toward your goals and priorities.


Although your budget primarily focuses on where and what you’re spending, don’t forget about saving! There’s nothing wrong with wanting nice things; just remember that you’ll also want purchasing power down the road. It’s important to set money aside for future goals, like home ownership, transportation, a special vacation, or retirement.


So, what’s the secret to a workable budget? Here are a few tips to get your spending plan in tip-top shape.


Stick to your new budget for a couple of months, then evaluate and adjust it as needed. Remember, this is a fluid plan. As priorities shift and goals change, your budget should follow.


Additional Resources

Here are some helpful tools for creating and maintaining your spending plan.


PDF downloadBudget Worksheet


PDF downloadSteps to Budgeting Bliss

This information is presented in cooperation with Oklahoma Money Matters, the financial education outreach initiative of the Oklahoma Guaranteed Student Loan Program. For more information about OKMM, visit their website or call 1-800-970-OKMM.