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Frequently Asked Questions


Logging In:

  • Where do I login to the Online Classroom?
  • I am a new student with an O-Key account and I cannot log into the Online Classroom.
  • I used to be able to log into the Online Classroom but cannot log in now.
  • What PC browsers and mobile phone operating systems does the Online Classroom support?


  • I recently enrolled in courses but I don't see them in my account.
  • One of my classes is missing.
  • My course has supplemental materials online that I cannot access.
  • How to open class content in D2L.
  • How to receive a copy of emails I send from within D2L.
  • How to use the Classlist to email my teacher, classmates or a group.
  • How to use the D2L Dropbox.
  • How to check grades in D2L.
  • I am having trouble opening files from my courses in D2L.
  • How to open documents in a D2L course.
  • How to use the discussion feature.





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