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In order to place items on Reserve in the OSU-Oklahoma City Library, please read and observe the following:


U.S. Copyright law makes it clear that Reserve items are to be considered temporary materials and cannot be retained indefinitely from semester to semester. The commonly accepted rule for colleges and universities is that items must be removed from Reserve at the end of each semester. Further, no item can be on Reserve for more than three consecutive semesters.


To place items on Reserve or if you have materials on Reserve that you would like to use in the next semester, please complete the Reserve Request form on the Library's home page, come by the Library, or call 945-3251 to request that Reserve Request form(s) be sent to you via campus mail. It is your responsibility to make sure new forms are completed for each semester. We will contact you via the phone number or email address you have given to verify that Reserve items are ready for use. Please do not send students to the Library to use Reserve items until you have received verification.


Materials are maintained by course name and number, so you will need to complete a Reserve form for each course which will be using Reserve materials. No items will be placed on Reserve without a completed, current Reserve Request form. You may, of course, add or remove Reserve items at any time during the semester.


Your items will be returned to the Library collection or sent to you via campus mail (for personal items), if we have not heard from you within one week from the end of the semester. If you are not sure what items you have placed on Reserve, please call Gayle at 945-3251 and she will provide a list for you.


Thank you for your cooperation.


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