Welcome to the Reports Section of the Assessment of Student Learning Site.


Here you will find the reports generated in support of Assessment of Student Learning.


They are divided into three primary areas:


         Entry:†††††††† Measures studentís academic skill levels upon first enrollment.

         Mid-level:†† Measures General Education skill levels in reading, writing, math, and critical thinking.

         Outcomes:Measures student success and satisfaction at graduation and beyond.



Two of the most important tenants of the assessment process are reporting and responding to the assessment


results.This gives all members of the OSU-Oklahoma City Community an opportunity to review their successes


and to determine ways to improve.Please review these reports with this goal in mind.



James Anderson, M.A., M.Ed.

Coordinator of Assessment, Accreditation and Grant Compliance

Institutional Effectiveness

AD 106B




Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education Annual Assessment Report

Entry Level Assessment Report

Mid-level Assessment Report

Outcomes Assessment Reports

Assessment Report 2011-2012

Entry Level Assessment Report 2011-2012

OSU-Oklahoma City Campus-wide Student Learning Outcomes

Graduate Survey Report 2002-2007

2010-2011 Executive Summary


Collegiate Assessment of Academic Proficiency Results and Analysis 2008-2012

Graduate Survey Report 2006-2011

Assessment Report 2010-2011



Post Graduate Survey Report through 2009-2010



Student Satisfaction Report 2010