Oklahoma State University-Oklahoma City

Grant Administration

As OSU-OKC continues to grow, proposals enlisting outside funding and support will continue to increase. Faculty and staff members are encouraged to assist in the development of grants. By standardizing and coordinating our efforts we maximize our resources, and ensure that all proposals are consistent with the goals and objectives of this institution. Any grant development participation must meet and receive Administrative Approval and follow proposal submission guidelines. To encourage faculty and staff to assist in writing grants a new Grant Incentive Program has been established. Click on Grant Incentive Program for details.


Administrative Approval:

The appropriate director/division head must, first, approve all requests for grants. The proposal will then be submitted to the Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs for approval. Last, the proposal is presented to the Vice Presidents Council meeting for final approval, disapproval or recommendation for changes.


Proposal Submission:

All proposals for grants must be submitted in writing with a Proposal Review Sheet.


Grant Incentive Program



To incentivize faculty and staff to identify, research and develop public grant applications that support their programs and services.




All faculty and staff below the level of senior director and/or assistant vice president are eligible. Anyone whose job description includes grant development duties is not eligible.



  • Identify need and/or possible funding source.
  • Meet with director of Institutional Grants & Research to discuss details of possible grant.
  • Meet with supervisor to discuss grant.
  • If supervisor approves of participation in developing grant and agrees on possible compensation, complete grant “Proposal Review Sheet”  to be submitted to the associate vice president of Academic Affairs.
  • If approved by the associate vice president of Academic Affairs, Proposal Review Sheet will be submitted to the Vice Presidents Council.
  • If approved by the Vice Presidents Council and the campus president, the grant will be submitted.


  • Compensation, generally the equivalent of one to three credit hours of adjunct pay, must be agreed upon by the supervisor of the person preparing the Proposal Review Sheet and the vice president of Academic Affairs.
  • Compensation will only be made upon successful submission of grant in a timely manner.


  • The director of Institutional Grants & Research will assist in the identification, research and support of grant development, including information regarding submission, etc.
  • The individual preparing the Proposal Review Sheet is responsible for developing the content specific to grant proposal.

*All compensation is contingent on administrative approval and availability of funding.


Grant Development Resources

Below are some links to grant websites that may be very helpful when it comes to finding funding opportunities. The Grant Index is one that you may want to really click on. Just one example of this index is the "Grants for Higher Education." This Index represents funding for advanced learning and curriculum programs. It is ideal for college development/grants officers, as well as for faculty/staff in mathematics, computer or information sciences, management information systems, technology integration, and engineering disciplines.


In my office I also have many books on Grant Writing that may help you when it comes to actually writing the grant. You are more than welcome to check any of these tools out at anytime.


Policy Application:

This policy is applicable to all proposals from OSU-OKC for state or federal funding agencies. It is not intended that these procedures should in any way discourage individual or department/divisional initiative.