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The interpreter training program is designed to develop fluency in American Sign Language and to prepare interpreters to function in a variety of interpreting situations with persons who are deaf and hard-of-hearing.


"Coming to OSU-OKC and getting certified in sign language was the best career choice I have ever made. [OSU-OKC] doesn’t throw general degrees at students in hopes they will learn their trade during their first job. They train you to be ready for the workforce and give you practical experience."

-- Jana Foster,
Interpreter Training graduate

Mainstreaming in public school classrooms and increased post-secondary opportunities for deaf and hard-of-hearing students have led to an expanding need for and use of educational interpreters to convey concepts and vocabulary in a wide range of academic and career disciplines. There is also a demand for interpreters in private practice for settings such as medical, legal, mental health and social services.


OSU-Oklahoma City offers an Associate of Science in American Sign Language degree and an Associate of Applied Science in Sign Language Interpretation degree. The Associate of Science in American Sign Language provides course work that serves as a foundation for a bachelor’s degree in areas such as deaf education, speech pathology and audiology, interpreter training or any area where signing skills are needed.


For More Information Contact:

Joni Bice
Department Head, Associate Professor
Interpreter Training
Human Services Division
Engineering Technology Building
Room 100
900 N. Portland Ave.
Oklahoma City, OK 73107
(405)945-3288 V/TDD
E-Mail: bice@osuokc.edu


Engineering Technology Bldg.
Room 100
900 N. Portland Ave.
Oklahoma City, OK 73107


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Discover Interpreting
Discover Interpreting


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Essential Functions
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Beginning January 14, 2015


Necessary for EMT, EMT Intermediate or Paramedic license renewal.


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