Oklahoma State University-Oklahoma City


Throughout the 1992-93 academic year, the Honors Program was initiated, designed and approved using several community college models and advice from the OSU-Stillwater campus. The program started offering classes and contracts in fall 1993.


The first two years students experienced participation through Honors contracts in classes across campus and disciplines, and the offering of Honors sections in humanities seminars that were team-taught.


At the beginning of the third year of the program, there was restructuring with the release of the Honors coordinator and creation of co-chairs to take on the leadership responsibility of the program. During the tenure of the program, several changes were attempted to build support and participation in the program including dropping admission standards for participation, strictly defining accepted criteria for Honors work and the paying of a $500 stipend to students who graduated with 15 Honors hours. In fall 2005, the program underwent changes including rewriting the bylaws and establishing new admittance criteria.


Today, an Honors coordinator manages the Honors Program and answers to the Honors committee. The program tries to offer at least two Honors sections per semester and oversees an average of 50-60 Honors contracts, generating approximately 170-200 Honors credit hours. In addition, efforts are being made to engage more incoming freshman through recruitment and scholarship opportunities.


For more information, contact:

Jennifer Poynter
Honors Program Coordinator
(405) 945-8657
LRC 324