Oklahoma State University-Oklahoma City


Q: What is the Honors Program?


A: The Honors Program provides academically committed students with the opportunity to study, conduct research and exchange ideas in an exciting and supportive environment. Honors sections may be offered in many general education courses. Honors classes are taught by outstanding faculty members and the classes are small in size to facilitate active student involvement. Completion of the requirements for the Honors Program leads to special designation on the student’s OSU-Oklahoma City transcript. Students must be admitted to the Honors Program. A student interested in the Honors Program should contact Honors Coordinator Jennifer Poynter at 945-8657.


Q: What is an Honors contract?


A: An Honors contract is a mechanism for achieving an “Honors” designation in any college. The contract project should add an academic dimension to the course by introducing new material or by allowing the student to go into greater depth than normally required in some aspect of the course. The contract must be supervised by the faculty member and be approved by the Honors Program committee. Contracts must be filed by the end of the fourth week of the current semester and the project completed by the fourteenth week.


The contract does not affect the student’s grade in the course. However, to receive Honors credit for the course the student must earn a grade of “A” or “B.” If the work specified in the Honors contract is not completed, the grade for the course will not be affected, but the Honors designation will not appear on the student’s transcript.


Q: Who is eligible for the Graduate Honors Scholar Award?


A: All OSU-OKC graduates with 15 hours of Honors credit earned at OSU-OKC with an “A” or “B” will be eligible for the Graduate Honors Scholar Award.


Q: What is the Outstanding Honors Contract?


A: The Honors committee will annually select one outstanding student who has agreed to an Honors contract and grant the student a cash award. Eligible students for Outstanding Honors Contract are nominated by their sponsoring instructors and will present their work before the Honors committee as well as a student Honors conference. The recipient must have earned six Honors credits from OSU-OKC with a minimum of a “B” grade in the course. No student may receive more than one cash award annually.


For more information, contact:

Jennifer Poynter
Honors Program Coordinator
(405) 945-8657
LRC 324