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The top thing on a recent college graduates’ mind is: find a JOB! OSU-Oklahoma City is not only setting students up with the proper education and training, but also the opportunities to build relationships needed to land that perfect job. A recent example of the success of these connections is the strong partnership between OSU-OKC and TimberCraft Homes, LLC.


Chad Randall, general manager of TimberCraft Homes and OSU-OKC graduate, has noticed the motivation and excitement from OSU-OKC students to join the workforce and begin their professional careers.


“We have been very happy with the candidates we’ve either hired or interviewed coming to us from OSU-OKC,” Randall said. “We are able to count on OSU-OKC graduates to be motivated, excited about beginning their careers, knowledgeable in their degree fields, and have reasonable expectations about what the construction industry entails.”


Randall earned his Business Administration degree at OSU-Stillwater in 2003. After a few years of working as a business manager in the marine industry and as a sales person in the oil and gas industry, Randall felt he had the sales and management capability to succeed in residential construction, but was concerned he lacked the construction science and technical background needed for a job in this field.


“I researched several degree programs in the Oklahoma City area and even considered pursuing a second bachelor’s degree,” Randall said. “I decided the Associate of Applied Science (AAS) in Construction Technology at OSU-OKC was the best avenue for me. The degree program, classes offered and convenient class times were very accommodating for my schedule.”


Randall said he gained an in-depth look at the reality of residential building science, specifically here in Oklahoma while studying at OSU-OKC. He took classes involving Oklahoma City building codes, OSHA guidelines and compliance, concrete admixtures, green construction methods and many others. 


“I can give specific examples where the information I gathered from almost every class has been applied during my tenure at TimberCraft Homes,” Randall said. “The course work required during the degree program has proved to be extremely helpful on a daily basis.”


Among the OSU-OKC graduates hired at TimberCraft Homes is Construction Manager Randy Reitz who earned his AAS in Construction Technology in 2012 and Lead Draftsman Jerad Stout who earned his AAS in Engineering Services with a CAD emphasis in 2010.


“Randy came to us with excellent knowledge of construction codes and the importance of proper scheduling procedures. Both are important tools for a successful construction manager in the Oklahoma City market that he picked up during his tenure at OSU-OKC,” Randall said. “Jerad has shown impressive knowledge of how a residential home actually comes together and he truly understands building science. His CAD emphasis has given him real-world experience, which is crucial in being a great draftsman.”


TimberCraft Homes has been serving the greater Oklahoma City area since 2003. Randall said their main goal is to set itself apart from the majority of other builders in the Oklahoma City market. He said they are doing this by investing in their people and their processes.


Terry Clinefelter, department head of Construction Technologies at OSU-OKC, said the partnership with TimberCraft has been a huge success for OSU-OKC and its students.


"This partnership shows the positive impact that OSU-OKC graduates can have within industry, allowing the student’s to achieve success along with their employer," Clinefelter said.


Randall said that TimberCraft will continue to prospect OSU-OKC grads and use the university’s well-rounded programs as an avenue for new and developing talents to add to their team.


For more information on OSU-OKC’s Construction Technology department, contact Clinefelter at 405-945-3362 or clinfe@osuokc.edu.


For more information on TimberCraft Homes, LLC, visit http://timbercraft.co.

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