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News & Events FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: 1/10/2015

CLEET Opens Oklahoma City Office on OSU-OKC Campus
OSU-Oklahoma City has opened its doors for the Council on Law Enforcement Education and Training (CLEET) to set up an office on campus. The new office location serves as the only CLEET office in the Oklahoma City metro area.
“Oklahoma State University-Oklahoma City is recognized across the state as a leader in public safety training,” said Steve Emmons, CLEET executive director. “Its law enforcement and Collegiate Officer Program provide high quality education to students from across Oklahoma. CLEET recognizes that strong partnerships are necessary to provide the highest level of training to the peace officers of the state.”
The new office will allow CLEET to better serve peace officers, security guards, private investigators, self-defense act instructors and bail enforcers in the metro area.
“When we began considering the need to expand our operations back to Oklahoma City, the first consideration was to contact OSU-OKC,” Emmons said. “An office on the campus will provide the best outreach location for the peace officer and private security missions of the agency. The relationship, combined with the ability to share resources, created a win-win scenario that would benefit CLEET students and the students of the college.”
Law enforcement agencies and security companies will use the office as a portal to transport documentation to the CLEET headquarters in Ada. It will also allow CLEET to operate in close proximity to the state Capitol during the legislative session so staff can respond to legislative requests in person and in a timely manner.
“The opportunity to have this satellite office on the OSU-OKC campus is central to maintaining a positive working relationship with CLEET clientele in the Oklahoma City area,” said Norma Floyd, CLEET data entry analyst. 
CLEET is a state law enforcement entity that supports Oklahoma’s state, county, and local law enforcement agencies by providing education and training that promotes professionalism and enhances competency within the ranks of Oklahoma law enforcement.
“We are excited to have CLEET on our campus and to provide easier access to local law enforcement agencies,” said Dr. Larry Robinson, Public Safety department head. “Our relationship with CLEET helps strengthen OSU-OKC as the premier public safety training program in the metro.”
For more information on the CLEET office at OSU-OKC, contact Norma Floyd at 405-945-9153 or norma.floyd@cleet.state.ok.us.
For more information on CLEET, visit www.ok.gov/cleet.
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