Oklahoma State University-Oklahoma City

2014 Coupon Book Offers

# 2014 Exhibitor Item Offer
1 Cooper's Indian Taco Buy ONE Indian Taco (regular price $8.00) and get $2.00 off

2 Fire and Ice Concessions/ The Bacon Habit Beer-Battered Bacon Combo Get a Beer-Battered Deep-Fried Bacon with Fries and a Bottled Soda (regular price $13.50) for just $9.50 (SAVE $4.00)

3 Granny's Fun Foods/ Pickle Pete's Deep-Fried Philly Cheesesteak Buy ONE Deep-Fried Philly Cheesesteak (regular price $9.00) and get $2.25 OFF (philly cheesesteak wrapped in a tortilla and deep-fried)

4 D & D Concessions Deep-Fried Cheese Curds Buy any ONE order of Deep-Fried Cheese Curds (regular price $6.00) and get $2.00 OFF (Choose From Original or Jalapeno)

5 Smokin' Pistols Deep-Fried Ribs Buy ONE order of Deep-Fried Ribs (regular price $8.00) and get $2.00 OFF

6 Ragin' Cajun Chicken On-A- Stick Combo Get a Chicken On-A-Stick SMALL Fries and a MED Drink (regular price $14.00) for just $10.00 (SAVE $4.00)

7 Allan Dennis Concessions Bucket of Nachos Buy ONE Bucket of Nachos (regular price $8.00) and get $2.00 OFF

8 B and H Amusements Philly Cheesesteak Buy ONE Philly Cheesesteak (regular price $8.00) and get $2.00 OFF

9 Sammy's Pizza (both locs) Pizza Slice & Drink Buy ONE Slice of Pizza (regular price $5.50) and get a MEDIUM Fountain Drink FREE (SAVE $4.00)

10 Netterfields Popcorn & Lemonade Homemade Carmel corn Buy ONE Homemade Caramel Corn (regular price $5.00) and get $1.50 OFF

11 Chan's Concessions (both locs) Asian Sample Platter Get ONE Sample Platter (regular price $14.00) for just $10.00 (SAVE $4.00) (Sample Platter: Chicken On-A-Stick, Shrimp Fried Rice, Lo Mein and Egg Roll)

12 Sodexo/ O'City Griller or Capital City Cafe 25% OFF One Menu Item Get 25% OFF When you purchase any ONE Menu Item and Fountain Drink (any size)

13 Jalapeno's Mexican Grill Burrito and Small Drink But ONE Burrito (regular price $8.00) and get a SMALL Fountain Drink FREE (SAVE $3.00)

14 Guiltless Concessions Deluxe Sundae Buy any Deluxe Sundae (regular price 6.00) and get $1.50 OFF (choices include: Chocolate Suicide, Chocolate Banana Royal, Cinn & Corruption, Apple Pie A la Mode, Nanaberry Heaven, Caramel Knowledge and Bacon Explosion)

15 Earl's Rib Palace BBQ Turkey Leg Buy any one BBQ Turkey Leg (regular $9.00) and get a Bottled Soda or Water FREE (SAVE up to $4.00)

16 The Good Life Hospitality Shrimp Corn Dog Buy and ONE Shrimp Corn Dog (regular price $8.00) and get ONE FREE (SAVE $8.00)

17 Lakeside Concessions (2 locations) Curly Fries & Lemonade or Limeade Buy ONE Regular Order of Curly Fries ($7.00) and get a SMALL Fresh Squeezed Lemonade or Cherry Limeade FREE (SAVE $4.00)

18 Burger and Chili Shack Juicy Lucy Cheeseburger Combo Get a Famous Juicy Lucy Cheeseburger, Fries & and SMALL Sweet Tea (regular price $14.50) for just $10.50 (SAVE $4.00)

19 Our Place Deep-Fried Veggies or Peaches Buy any ONE Deep-Fried Item (regular price $6.00) (Green Beans, Green Tomatoes, Okra, Mushrooms, Zucchini, Squash or Peaches) and get a Second Deep-Fried Item of equal or lesser value for 50% OFF (SAVE $3.00)

20 American Concessions Fried Jalapeno Pepper On-A- Stick FREE Battered & Deep-Fried Jalapeno Pepper On-A-Stick No purchase required! (SAVE $2.50)

21 Aunt Edmoe's Cookies Cookie Dough Buy ONE Cookie Dough On-A-Stick ($7.00) hand-dipped in chocolate and get a Cookie Dough Parfait HALF-PRICE (SAVE $3.50)

22 Sweis's Restaurant Gyro Combo Plate Get a Gyro Fries and a MEDIUM Fountain Drink (Regular price $14.50) for just $10.50 (SAVE $4.00)

23 Randy Brown's (loc 4 & 5) Strawberry Crepe Combo Get a Reg Strawberry Crepe and a Large Fresh Lemonade (regular price $13.00) for just $9.75 (SAVE $3.25)

24 Lakeside Concessions (4227) Chocolate-Dipped Cheesecake Combo Buy ONE Chocolate-Dipped Cheesecake and a small lemonade (regular price $10.00) for just $7.50 (SAVE $2.50)

25 Oklahoma State Fair Gate admission Get $2.00 OFF ONE Regularly-Priced ADULT Outside Gate Admission (regular price $10.00)

26 Oklahoma State Fair Parking permit Get $5.00 OFF ONE 2014 Oklahoma State Fair Season Parking Pass (regular price $25.00) (Parking permit allows access into any paid parking lot, but does not guarantee space availability.)

31 Wade Shows Carnival ride coupons Get $5.00 OFF ONE Sheet of 30 Carnival Ride Coupons (regular price $25.00)

32 O'Neil Amusements Print Name- Poncho Dogs (all locs except 2 & 8) Poncho Dog (Corn Dog) Get $1.00 OFF a Regular Poncho Dog (regular price $4.00) Good for up to TWO Poncho Dogs per coupon if purchase at the same time. (SAVE up to $2.00)

33 The Jerky Shoppe Beef Snack Sticks Buy THREE Beef Sticks (regular price $3.00 each) for just $6.00 (SAVE $3.00) Choice of beef stick flavors: regular, hot, jalapeno & cheese, teriyaki, maple, cheddar cheese and barbecue

34 Gopher Express / Nitro Ice Cream Nitro Ice Cream Buy a LARGE or Nitro Ice Cream Cup (regular price $5.50-$6.50) and get $1.50 OFF

35 Sweet Shop (both locs) Cinnamon Rolls Buy any ONE Cinnamon Roll (original, bacon or deep-fried on-a-stick) (regular price $5.00-$9.00) and get ONE Original Cinnamon Roll FREE (SAVE $5.00)

36 Rodney & Lisa Caramel Apples & Cotton Candy Buy any TWO Fancy Caramel Apples (regularly $6.00 each) and get a SMALL Cotton Candy FREE (SAVE $5.00)

37 German Roasted Nuts Roasted Nuts Buy ONE Meal Deal Size Cinnamon & Sugar Roasted Nuts (regular price $12.00) and get $3.00 OFF Pick your favorite or mix all three: Pecans, Almonds & Cashews

38 Sweet & Sour USA (both locs) Rope Candy Buy THREE Sourtails (regular price $10.00) and get the 4th FREE (SAVE $4.00)

39 Chapel Creek Winery Cherry Delight Wine SAVE $2.50 when you buy a 375 ml Bottle of Cherry Delight (regular price $7.50) (Maximum TWO Bottles when purchased at the same time.)

40 Whispering Meadows Vineyards & Winery Six-Pack of Wine (or By the Case) Get $6.00 OFF a Six-Pack of Wine or 10% Discount off Cases of Wine (prices vary by individual bottles)

41 A Spice Above Gourmet Dip Mixes Buy THREE Dip Mixes (3 for $15.00 Fair Special) and get a 4th Dip Mix FREE (Save $5.00) (Single Dip Mixes regularly priced $6.00)

42 Cowboy Santa Christmas Figurine Get 25% OFF One Trail of the Painted Ponies or Horse of a Different Color Christmas Figurine

43 Waxberry Salt Water Taffy Buy ONE Cone Bag of Salt Water Taffy (regular price $10.00) and get another bag for 50% OFF (SAVE $5.00)

44 Equalizer Shirts Sound-Activated T-Shirt Buy any ONE Sound-Activated T-Shirt (regular price $35.00) get $10.00 OFF

45 Character Tales Character Tales DVD Get 25% OFF ONE Wild West DVD (May also choose a Wild West Storybook OR Hand-Carved Wooden Toys Combo Pack)

46 Glamour Shots Photography Services Buy a 10x13 Portrait includes retouching and session fees for ONLY $20.00 ($150.00 Value)

47 India Imports ** Semi-Precious Gem Necklace Buy Any ONE Semi-Precious Gems Necklace (regular price $20.00) and get 50% OFF (SAVE $10.00)

48 Health Mate Sauna Sauna Savings & Accessory Celebrating 35 years of QUALITY! Buy any Health Mate Saunaand receive 35% OFF plus a FREE Cedar Backrest (UP to a $2700 Value)

49 Silver Gallery Sterling Silver Box Chain Buy a 18" Sterlin g Silver Box Chain (regular price $18.00) get 50%OFF (SAVE $9.00)

50 Orr Family Farm Orr Family Farm Admission Buy Four Admission Tickets at Special Fair Price of $10.00 each (regular price $12.50 each at Orr Family Farm) and get a 5th Ticket FREE (SAVE $22.50)

51 Televac Computer Company- COX Handwriting Analysis Get $1.00 OFF ONE Handwriting Analysis (regular price $3.00)

52 Netterfields Popcorn & Lemonade Chicken Wing Basket Buy ONE Large Chicken Wings and Fries (Reg price $13.00) for just $9.75 (SAVE 3.25)

53 Lil' Bits Mini Donuts, Churros and Fried Pies Mini Donuts BUY 2 Dozen Mini Donuts (regular price $12.00) for only $9.00 (SAVE $3.00)

54 The Pork Council Pork Chop Sandwich Buy one Pork Chop Sandwich (regular price 8.00) and get 2.00 OFF

55 The Nut Shack Extreme Heat Sauce Buy one Extreme Heat Sauce and get the 2nd one of equal or lesser value for HALF OFF (SAVE up to $4.00)

56 Zip To Do Zip Line Ride Buy ONE Zip Line Ride for just $10 and you can ride again for FREE

57 Netterfield's Popcorn & Lemonade Italian or Polish Sausage Buy any ONE Italian or Polish Sausage (regular price $8.00) and get $2.00 OFF

58 Your just desserts Chocolate-Dipped Banana Buy one Chocolate-Dipped Banana (regular price $4.00) and get ONE HALF OFF (SAVE $2.00)

59 Harvels Hot Dog Buy ONE hot dog (regular price $3.00) and get ONE HALF OFF (Save $1.50)

60 Silver Dollar Concessions Deep-Fried Candy Buy ONE Order of Deep-Fried Candy (regular price $6.00) and get an order HALF OFF (SAVE $3.50) (choices include: Deep-Fried Snickers, Deep-Fried Twinkie or the Deep-Fried Oreos)

61 Rodney & Lisa's Pizza Stand Stromboli Buy Two Strombolis and A MED Drink (regular price $20.00) and get $4.00 OFF

62 Sandy's Candy Fudge Buy ONE 1/2 Pound of Fudge regular price $10.00) and get $2.50 OFF

63 Vista Mobility Locker Rental Rent A Locker Unlimited Use All Day (regular price $10.00) and get $3.00 OFF (refundable $5.00 deposit required with every locker rental)

64 Oklahoma State Fair Free Bag GET ONE FREE State Fair Shopping Bag While Supplies last May be redeemed at any InFairmation Booth. Or The Capital City Café.