Oklahoma State University-Oklahoma City

How to Order Catering for Your Event

  1. Contact OSU-OKC Sodexo Catering at Campuscatering@osuokc.edu to initiate your catering order and discuss the types of service and menu options.
  2. You will receive the Catering Contract by email from OSU-OKC Sodexo Catering for review.
  3. Once you have approved the Catering Contract, and it has been signed please scan and email the order back to Campuscatering@osuokc.edu
  4. FOR INTERNAL-OSU-OKC FACUTLY/STAFF/STUDENTS - You MUST have your Vice President sign off on the catering order along with the correct account number prior to turning the form in or you will not be able to receive catering.


To book a room for your event, please contact OSU-OKC Event Services at campusevents@osuokc.edu or 945-3238, but all catering orders will go through OSU-OKC Sodexo Campuscatering@osuokc.edu.


Begin by contacting the Event Services Office to reserve conference rooms. Room setup and equipment requirements will be reviewed to meet your needs. OSU-OKC Sodexo Catering is the exclusive catering provider on campus for all food and beverage services. No outside catering may be provided without the prior approval of Sodexo.


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