Jason E. Stone


Division of Liberal Arts

Learning Resources Center 331

900 North Portland Avenue

Oklahoma City, OK  73107


405.945.3296 (office)

405.314-0486 (cell)




Ph.D., Higher Education Leadership & Policy Studies, Oklahoma State University. Stillwater, OK, (Expected spring, 2018), (ABD - All but Dissertation completed) Dissertation Title:  MOOC Motivations:  A factor analysis of Kizilcec & Schneider’s Online Learning Enrollment Intention Scale


M.A. Speech Communication, Ball State University. Muncie, Indiana, 1998


B.A. Speech Communication, Minor: Government & History.  Southeastern Louisiana University.  Hammond, Louisiana, 1997



Educause and University of Central Florida, Orlando, FL spring, 2014, Certified Blended Learning Specialist, Successfully completed Blendkit2014, Portfolio of Blended Learning artifacts endorsed by Educause


Oklahoma State University, Stillwater, OK fall 2012 – fall 2013

Post-Master’s Certificate.  State Regent’s Certified Online Teacher

12 hour certificate in online learning facilitation, instructional design, and technology leadership


University of Oklahoma-OUTREACH, Norman, OK, April, 2008

Certificate of Achievement in Training and Development, Area of Specialization: Accelerated Experienced Trainer


University of Central Oklahoma, Advanced Leadership UCO Class II, selected via application process, University of Central Oklahoma, 2005-2006



Online learning, Massively Open Online Courses, Educational Rhetoric, Educational History, Transformative Leadership, Narrative in Leadership, and Various Action Research Topics



Stone, J. (2016) Awarding college credit for MOOCs: The role of the American Council

on Education. Education Policy Analysis Archives, 24(38). http://dx.doi.org/10.14507/epaa.24.1765

Stone, J. E. "Our Students’ Soft Skills Scarcity: Why Academics Affairs Should Lead the

Effort." Innovation Abstracts 37(24) (2015, October 23), National Institute for Staff Organizational Development, The University of Texas at Austin, 23 Oct. 2015. Web. http://www.nisod.org/password/abstracts/XXXVII_24.html.

Stone, J (Ed.). (2011). A Concise Speaker's Handbook. New York, NY: Pearson.

Stone, J.E. (2010). Ivory towers, information silos, and extinction . Academic Exchange

Quarterly, 13(4), Winter, 2010.

Stone, J.E. (2009). Diagramming sentences: new school meets old school. Pedagogy

Papers for Developmental Education, 3, 12-14.

Stone, J (Ed.). (2009). A Concise Speaker's Handbook. New York, NY: Pearson.

Stone, J.E. (2008).Attention: How to get command your students’ attention when you

lecture. Pedagogy Papers for Developmental Education. 2, 15-17.

Stone, J.E. (2008, 4, 1). Attention! Sooner Trainer, 2, Retrieved April 7, 2008, from


Stone, J.E. (Ed.). (2003). Drug Dilemma: A comparative assessment of International

Drug Control Strategies. New York, NY: International Debate Education Association Press.

Under Review and in Preparation

Stone, J.E. The Myth of the Sputnik Moment: contesting the dominant narratives of the NDEA

of 1958, American Educational History Journal.  (Revision and resubmission


Stone, J.E. (2017) Functions, designs, and proper use of visual aids, (Public Speaking Textbook

Chapter) Fountainhead Press, (In review).

Stone, J.E. (2017) Glassophobia: because I was afraid, (Public Speaking Textbook

Chapter) Fountainhead Press, (In review).



Administrative Appointments

Division Head of Liberal Arts:  Academic Affairs, Oklahoma State University – Oklahoma City,

July 1, 2013 – Present.

Narrative Summary:  I managed 120+ part-time faculty and 13 full-time faculty in the largest academic division on campus.  I managed three large and complicated academic departments:  Behavioral Sciences, English, and Humanities.  This position was responsible for the successful delivery of most general education on campus.  I managed approximately $1.5 million annually in state and private funds.  I supervised approximately 150 changes to the curriculum, including the construction of six certificates in Public Service, Graphic Design, Spanish, Leadership, and Non-Profit Management.  I directed the composition of advisory boards for Liberal Arts degree programs.  We met annually and implemented their suggestions as curriculum changes.  Under my leadership, we streamlined bottlenecks in degree programs and increase graduation rates.  We changed our name from Arts & Sciences to Liberal Arts to better reflect the disciplines remaining in the Division.  I led the first year-long intellectual topic focus on the OSU-OKC campus (Costa & Kallick’s Habits of the Mind).  I coordinated renovations to Liberal Arts common areas (including part-time faculty work room, foyer, and break room).  We constructed an academic video recording studio for Liberal Arts faculty.  I envisioned and we constructed role-playing, immersive, hybridized learning community.  We implemented a HYFLEX learning model for Ancient Humanities and Sociology classes.  I envisioned and team taught the first inter-disciplinary, team-taught course on campus “Good & Evil”.  Finally, I leveraged technology to produce efficiencies in class cancellations, academic dishonesty, and shared governance.


Department Head-Humanities: Arts & Sciences, Oklahoma State University – Oklahoma City,

December, 2008 – June 2013. Oklahoma City. Teaching (80% Teaching load + 20% Department Head Duties)

Narrative Summary:  I managed 60+ part-time faculty and 5 full-time faculty in the largest academic department.  I managed Lead Instructors in the following areas:  Art, Communication, English, Humanities, Philosophy, and Spanish. I managed approximately $1.5 million annually in state and private funds.  I hired and evaluated full and part-time faculty.  I coordinated the construction and modification of schedules of classes based on student demand.  I engaged in strategic planning for departmental needs. I resolved students complaints and mediated disputes between professors and students.  I evaluated late enrollment changes.  I led faculty in-service meetings for the Humanities Department twice annually.


Faculty Coach (Title Varied – Specialist, Coordinator, Director): Academic Affairs, Oklahoma

State University –Oklahoma City, Fall 2009-Spring of 2012).  Oklahoma State University - Oklahoma City.

Narrative Summary:  I led Professional Development and Training efforts for faculty that resulted in successful follow-up report to HLC/NCA accreditation visit.  During these semesters, I worked with approximately 30 faculty members to assist with onsite and online teaching.  I also coordinated a guest speaker series for faculty development. Topics covered included: student engagement, creating and using rubrics, visual design, and the use of social media in instruction.  Over 23 OSU-OKC full-time faculty (approximately 1/3) attended at least one training session.  I Constructed Adjunct teaching academy (online orientation for all new and existing adjuncts built in existing LMS).

Instructional Design Specialist: Title III, Oklahoma State University – Oklahoma City, 2007 – 

2008, Oklahoma City, OK.

Narrative Summary:  I trained professors and undergraduate tutors in the use of technology and the design of curriculum as part of a federal grant.  I developed and distributed training materials for publication in a variety of formats including: printed training manuals, digitally archived instructional materials, self-executing CD-ROMS, and digitally streamed YouTube.com training videos.  I produced federal grant compliance reports.  I served as the digital administrator for several grant functions. 


Director of Debate/Instructor, University of Central Oklahoma, Department of Communication,

Fall 2001-Spring 2006. Edmond, OK.

Narrative Summary:  I supervised the nationally competitive, tradition-rich Debate Team.  I supervised over $85,000 in travel and scholarship resources.  I supervised up to three assistant coaches and graduate assistants.  Our team size varied from 8-20 students.  Under my leadership the program went from a #163 ranked team to as high as 4th in the country.  We qualified two teams to the first elimination rounds appearance at the Cross-Examination Debate Association National Tournament in over 10 years; we also qualified for the National Debate Tournament invitation in over 20 years.  Our teams finished as Runner-Ups at the National Junior Division Debate Tournament.  We qualified for the Semi-Finals of the Novice National Championship.  Additionally, I directed undergraduate research and preparation for debate tournaments and coached students at debate tournaments up to three weekends a month.  I also planned and hosted various special events including the annual Oklahoma High School Teachers’ Workshops for the Oklahoma Secondary Schools Activities Association, several high school debate tournaments, the Joe C. Jackson Intercollegiate Debate Tournament, the UCO Public Debate Series, and summer workshops for high school debaters.  Next, I managed team public relations including the recruitment of high school debaters and assistant coaches and writing press releases to promote team accomplishments.  Finally, UCO debaters I coached went on to win fellowships, Graduate Assistantships, and Publication Honors.  My former debaters are high school debate coaches, lawyers, teachers, professors, business people, factory supervisors, and computer programmers.


Director of Debate/Lecturer, University of Richmond, College of Arts & Sciences, Department

of Rhetoric and Communication Studies, 1998-2001.  Richmond, VA.

Narrative Summary:  Similar to UCO duties.


Assistant Director of Debate/Instructor, Department of Communication, Dance, and Theater, Middle Tennessee State University, 1998-1999.

            Narrative Summary:  Assisted MTSU Director of Debate in similar duties. 


Instructional Appointments

Assistant Professor of Speech, Oklahoma State University – Oklahoma City, Division of Liberal

Arts, Department of Humanities, 2008-Present (Frozen).  5/5/0 load.  Oklahoma City, OK.


Lead Writing & Student Success Instructor-Developmental Studies, Oklahoma State University

Oklahoma. City, Division of Arts & Sciences, Developmental Studies Department, 2008.  5/5/0 load.  Oklahoma City, OK.


Instructor, University of Central Oklahoma, College of Liberal Arts, Department of

Communication, 2001 - 2006. 2/2/0 load. 2 course release to coach debate. Edmond, OK. 


Lecturer, University of Richmond, College of Arts & Sciences, Department of Rhetoric and

Communication Studies, 1998-2001.  3/3/0 load.  Richmond, VA.


Instructor, Middle Tennessee State University, College of Liberal Arts, Department of

Communication, Dance, and Theater, 1998-1999. 3/3/0 load.  1 course release to coach debate.  Murfreesboro, TN.


Graduate Assistant, Ball State University, College of Media, Communication, and Design,

Department of Communication Studies, 197-1998.  2/1/0 load.  1 course release to coach debate.  Muncie, IN.



Courses I have taught in the past:







2002, 2003, 2004, 2005

2012, 2014, 2015




2004, 2005


Methods of Directing H.S. Speech Activities




Leadership and Group Dynamics


2015, 2016


Introduction to Public Speaking



Onsite, Online, and Hybrid

Introduction to Speech Communication

2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2015

2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2016

Onsite, Online, and Hybrid

Rhetoric and Public Address

1999, 2000

2000, 2001


Interpersonal Communication

2000, 2001, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012

2001, 2002, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2017

Onsite, Online, and Hybrid

Developmental Writing



Onsite, Online, and Hybrid

Advanced Developmental Writing



Onsite, Online, and Hybrid

Student Success






Courses I am prepared to teach in the future: 

Educational Leadership

Education Finance

Rhetorical Theory

Educational Technology

Critical Issues in Higher Ed


Teaching with Technology

Planning and Educational Change

Interpersonal Communication

History of Higher Ed

Technology for School Administrators

Public Speaking

Education Policy & Law

Research Methods in Social Sciences

Rhetorical Criticism

Organizational Theory in Higher Ed

Blogs & New Media

Social Movements and Political Communication



Conference Presentations


“The Soft Skills Gap:  Student Mental Habits as Professional Destiny”, National Institute Staff and Organizational Development International Conference on Teaching & Leadership Excellence, Austin, TX, May 28, 2014


“MOOC Motivations:  What Motivates Learners’ participation in Massively Open Online Courses?” Rocky Mountain Educational Researcher’s Association, University of Central Oklahoma, Edmond, OK October 25, 2013


“A Rhetorical Criticism of MOOC Ideologies:  Champions and Cynics” Oklahoma Education Studies Association, University of Oklahoma, Norman, OK, August 10, 2013


“Faculty Mentoring: Building the Next Generation of Leaders”, Oklahoma Association of Community Colleges Annual Conference, Midwest City, OK  October 4, 2012

“The Five Dysfunctions of Teams” at the Oklahoma Conference on College Student Character, University of Central Oklahoma, November 13th, 2004


Brockriede’s Arguers as Lovers: An Analysis of the Lazio-Clinton Senatorial Debates”, Southern States Communication Association Annual Convention, Lexington, Kentucky, presented in April 2001


“Debating Drug Policy”, Topic Paper Presentation, National Communication Association Annual Convention, Chicago, Illinois, November 1999


“Hit the Boards Running”, Panel on Innovative Coaching Techniques for the New Millennium, National Communication Association Annual Convention, Chicago, Illinois, November 1999


“Sounding the Alarm Too Loudly: The Rhetoric of Vilification In Bernstein and Munroe’s The Coming Conflict With China”, Southern States Communication Association Annual Convention, St. Louis, Missouri, April 1999


Invited Talks/Presentations

MOOCs) for Personal Learning and Professional Development: American Talent Development – Central Oklahoma Chapter, Oklahoma City, OK, November 12, 2015


“How Liberal Arts will respond to our Students’ Soft Skills Shortcomings” An invited presentation at OSU-OKC Convocation, August 13, 2013.


 “Engaging Students in the classroom” OSU-OKC, Professional Development and Training: Faculty Enhancement, March 15, 2012


“Lights, Camera, Action: An exploration of free video tools and how to leverage webcams and freeware to ramp up student learning, OSU-OKC Arts & Sciences invited in-service speaker, August 17, 2010


“Why Developmental Education Should Embrace Technology”, Thursday Evening Keynote Address to Oklahoma Association of Developmental Education, OSU-OKC, October 29, 2009


“Faculty Enhancement on a Budget”, Council of Oklahoma Extension Campus Administrators, OSU-OKC, September 25, 2009


“Faculty Enhancement Academy”, Academic Affairs Program Summary, OSU-OKC faculty members, Fall In-service, August 12, 2009


“Faculty Resource Room”, Title III Wrap-Up, OSU-OKC faculty members, Fall In-service, August 12, 2008


“Using SMART Boards to teach your classes”, Faculty Enhancement Lecture, OSU-OKC faculty members, Spring In-service, January 9th, 2008


Using Crestrons, SMART Boards, and ELMOs, Faculty Enhancement Lecture, OSU-OKC faculty members, Spring In-service, January 10th, 2008


“Technology Central: How UCO Faculty Use Technology to Help Students Learn”, Research Day sponsored by the University of Central Oklahoma College of Graduate Studies and Research, November 19, 2005


“The Future of Oklahoma High School Debate: The Critical Affirmative” at the Oklahoma Secondary Schools Activities Association Speech Teachers’ Workshop, University of Central Oklahoma, August 13, 2005


 “Crouching Tiger-Hidden Champion: The art of Cross Examination in debate”, Webcast of the World Debate Institute, University of Vermont, July, 2003


“Communication in the classroom: A discussion of sound public speaking and keeping your students’ attention”, Lecture sponsored by the College of Liberal Arts Faculty Development Committee, University of Central Oklahoma, November 27th, 2002


“Using Lexis-Nexis in the Academy”, Lecture sponsored by the College of Liberal Arts Faculty Development Committee, University of Central Oklahoma, November 20th, 2002


“Topic Lecture: Mental Health Care in America”, Oklahoma High School Teachers’ Workshop, University of Central Oklahoma, September 7th, 2002


“Crouching Tiger-Hidden Champion: The art of Cross Examination in debate”, Oklahoma High School Teachers’ Workshop, University of Central Oklahoma, September 7th, 2002


“Using the Internet as a Research Tool”, Oklahoma High School Speech Teachers’ Workshop, University of Central Oklahoma, September 8th, 2001


Public Debate Activities (Moderator or Coordinator)

“Resolved: Our energy choices contribute to terrorism and instability” Coordinator of public debate, University of Central Oklahoma, September, 2004. This debate was co-sponsored by: The United Nations Foundation, American Enterprise Institute, Americans for Informed Democracy, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, Center for Global Development, Center for Strategic and International Studies, Center for Women Policy Studies, Choices for the 21st Century Education Program, Empower America, League of Women Voters, National Association of Urban Debate Leagues, National Council for International Visitors, National Forensic League, National Peace Corps Association, Open Society Institute, Religions for Peace, Rock the Vote, Rockefeller Brothers Fund, The Asia Foundation, The Aspen Institute's Global Interdependence Initiative, The Brookings Institution, The Jesse Helms Center, United Nations Association of the United States, United Nations Foundation, Women's Action for New Directions, and World Affairs Councils of America


Coordinated Presidential Debate Watch Party, October 8th, 2004, Co-sponsored by www.debatewatch.org


“Resolved: How should the reconstruction of Iraq proceed?” Coordinator of public debate, University of Central Oklahoma, October, 2003, The Debates was sponsored by the UCO Debate Team, Communication Department, Oklahoma State Elections Board, The United Nations Foundation, Open Society Foundation, and Rockefeller Brothers Fund in an attempt to foster grassroots involvement in foreign policy. 25 UCO students were registered to vote


“Resolved: That the United States multilateral foreign policy is superior to United States unilateral foreign policy”, Facilitator of public debate, University of Central Oklahoma, April, 2003


“Resolved: That civil liberties have been inappropriately eroded in response to the terrorist attacks of September 11th, 2001”, Participant in public debate, University of Central Oklahoma November 18th, 2002


“Resolved: That United States should escalate military hostilities with Iraq”, Facilitator of public debate, University of Central Oklahoma, October 7th, 2002


“Resolved: That United States’ federal jurisdiction throughout Indian country is desirable”, Facilitator of public debate, Liberal Arts Student Symposium, University of Central Oklahoma, April 24th, 2002



Innovators Award, 2017, Oklahoma State Unviersity – Oklahoma City, award given for my

participation in planning and teaching the first inter-disciplinary, team-taught special topics class at OSU-OKC, “The Philosophy of Good & Evil”.

Kamm Fellowship, 2016, Oklahoma State University College of Education, award given

annually to the one or two most promising graduate students in the College

Member, Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society, 2014-2016.

Finalist, Oklahoma Excellence Foundation Teaching Medal at a Regional University or

Community College, 2012 & 2013 nominated by my supervisor

Nominee, Dean A. Stringer Teaching Award, OSU-OKC, 2010, 2012, 2015

Outstanding Achievement in Training and Development, Technology and Printed Training,

American Society of Training and Development Central Oklahoma Chapter, March 31, 2009

Bronze & Blue Award, nominated by colleague, Award given to a person who demonstrates

exceptional school spirit and dedication to making UCO a better place to work and learn, March 3, 2006

Participant, Enhancing Learning with Technology Tools, selected via application process to

receive instruction in WebCT and a grant for $1500 to implement WebCT instruction into my classes, University of Central Oklahoma Academic Technologies and Training, Spring 2005

Research Fellow and Guest Lecturer, World Debate Institute: University of Vermont, July, 2000

& 2003. Burlington, VT

Research Fellow and Guest Lecturer, Baylor Debate Institute, Baylor University, July, 2002,

Waco, TX

Top Coach Award, Novice National Championship Debate Tournament, Towson University,

1999, 2001, and 2002

Graduate Assistantship/Debate Coach, Ball State University, 1997-1998

Most Outstanding Senior Debater, Southeastern Louisiana University, 1997

Presidential Scholarship Recipient, Southeastern Louisiana University, 1996-1997

Degree of Special Distinction, Pi Kappa Delta forensics honor society, 1994



Ad Hoc Reviewer, Educational Policy Analysis Archives, 2015-Present

Grant Reviewer, UCO Faculty Technology, April 2012, April 2013, 2014

Product Reviewer, My Speech Lab, Pearson Publishing, spring 2011

Reviewer, Speakers Guidebook, 5th ed., Bedford St. Martin, spring, 2011, 2013




Funded Proposals:

Principal Investigator/Project Leader, Writer, Training Coordinator: MetLife / Civic Ventures

Encore Grant, $25,000 to retrain baby boomer retirees to enter the academy as Developmental Studies Instructors, 2010 – 2011

Member; Title III Grant Writing Taskforce, OSU-OKC, 2009

$1.9 million federal grant to enhance online instruction

Principal Investigator, UN mini grant to facilitate Public Debate and Discussion about current

events; $300.00 October, 2005, 2004, 2003


Unfunded Proposals:

Principal Investigator, Steelcase Incorporated Active Classroom Furniture Grant.  Award of

$65,000 in classroom furniture to facilitate active classroom learning strategies, 2017

Writer & Principal Investigator, Canvas Grant for eLearning Innovation, $10,000, proposed a

digital learning clearing house for developmental studies instruction, 2014

Writer & Principal Investigator, Community Colleges Humanities Association / National

Endowment for the Humanities Bridging Cultures Grant Competition, we proposed Debate Across the Curriculum. April, 2012 

Principal Investigator, FIPSE, Learning Communities enhanced with Supplemental Instruction,

Requested $750,000, OSU-OKC, Spring 2009

Principal Investigator, FIPSE, Learning Communities & Supplemental Instruction, Requested

$1.5 million, OSU-OKC, Spring 2008



Academic Service

Chair, OSU-OKC General Education Committee, 2015 – Present

Member, OSU-OKC, One dozen+ search committees:  Vice-President of Academic Affairs,

Director of Faculty Development, Speech Faculty Member, English Faculty Member, Humanities Department Head, Behavioral Sciences Department Head, Academic Advisor

Senior Senator, OSU-OKC Faculty Senate, 2012-2013

Junior Senator, OSU-OKC, Faculty Senate, 2011-2012

Co-Chair, HLC Self-Report, NCA Criterion One, 2008-2010

Co-Chair, Information Services Committee, 2010-2012

Member, Committee to Redesign OSU-OKC Web pages, OSU-OKC, 2009-2010

Member, Committee on Retention, OSU-OKC, 2008-2017

President, OSU-OKC Chapter of AAUP, 2012-2013

President-Elect, President, and Past President, Oklahoma Association of Developmental

Education, OSU-OKC, 2009-2011

Member, Arts & Sciences Rules and Procedures Committee, OSU-OKC, 2010-2013

Member, Arts & Sciences Assessment Committee, OSU-OKC, 2010-2014

Chair, Special Committee to redraft the Standing Rules and Bylaws of the 3rd District of the

National Debate Tournament. (MO, KS, OK, LA, TX), 2005-2006

Chair, Communication Department Library Committee, 2001-2006

Library Liasion, UCO Communication Department, 2002-2006

Member, Liberal Arts Student Development Committee, 2003

Member, Liberal Arts Faculty Development Committee, 2001-2003

Member, Communication Department Technology Committee, 2001-2006

Usher, UCO’S Liberal Arts Commencement, 2002, 2002, 2003, 2004

Tournament Director, “Joe C. Jackson Invitational Debate Tournament”, UCO’s College

Tournament, 2001-2006

Tournament Co-Director, 3A & 4A Regional Qualifying Tournament, 2001, 2002, UCO.

Member, Design Committee for New Social Sciences Center, University of Richmond, 2000-2001

Public Debate Coordinator, Public Debate Series, University of Richmond, 1999-2001

Member, District 7 Steering Committee, American Debate Association, 1999-2001

Tournament Director, Spider Classic Intercollegiate Debate Tournament, University of

Richmond, 1999, 2000

Member, Search Committee for Tenure-Track Faculty member, University of Richmond’s

Department of Rhetoric and Communication Studies, 1999

Committee Chair, Sub-committee to Redraft the Mission Statement for the Department of

Speech, Theater & Dance, Middle Tennessee State University, 1998

Student Representative, Dean’s Graduate School Advisory Council, Ball State University, 1998

Master of Ceremonies, Communication Department’s Awards Banquet, Ball State University,


Consultant, Assessing Communication Competency of the Graduate School, Ball State

University, 1998


Community Service

Donor, Two+ Gallons, Oklahoma Blood Institute, June 2007-Present

Volunteer Judge, Edmond Santa Fe Debate Tournament, 2015, 2016, 2017

YMCA Youth Sports Coach, Football and Soccer, Spring of 2005-fall of 2009

Volunteer Judge, Baltimore Urban Debate League Inner City Championships, 2000

Volunteer Judge, Optimist Club State Oratorical Contest, Richmond, Virginia, 2000, 2001

Volunteer Judge, 29th Annual Age of Aquarius speech tournament, Ball State University, 1997



Created one-stop web portal to teach faculty members how to screencast (Fall of 2014):




American Association of University Professors, OSU-OKC Chapter

Oklahoma Association of Developmental Education

American Society of Talent Development, Central Oklahoma Chapter

Oklahoma Speech, Theater, and Communication Association



Zoning Analyst/Technical Writer: National Planning and Zoning Resources Corporation, Smith, Roberts, Baldishwieler, Fall 2006 – Fall, 2007, Oklahoma City, OK.

Narrative Summary:  I performed research regarding Zoning Code Ordinances for the largest producer of due diligence zoning research in America.  I produced technical reports regarding zoning requirements, economic development, and planning. Our clients included the following: Column Financial, First Union Bank, Paine Webber, Merrill Lynch, Deutsche Bank, GE, Capital Real Estate, Lehman Brothers, JP Morgan Chase Bank, UBS, Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley Dean Witter, GMAC Commercial Mortgage, Wells Fargo, Trammell & Crow, Greenberg Traurig and many other Fortune 500 Companies and respected Law Firms.  I also developed training materials to train new Analysts/Writers


Lifeguard; Aquatics Instructor; Assistant Manager; Safety & In-Service Coordinator: Frederick Community Pool, Frederick, OK; YMCA, Lawton, OK; Westchase Swim and Tennis Center, Tampa, FL, seasonal, 1990-1999

Narrative Summary.  I taught swimming skills to students of all ages and abilities.  I managed as many as 8 employees.  I ensured safety at facilities. 



Participant, Leadership OSU-OKC, 2016-2017

Myers-Briggs Personality Type Indicator Test, 2016

360° EQ Evaluation by supervisors, peers, and direct reports, 2016

Strength Finders (Coordinated the taking of this instrument for all full-time faculty in Liberal

Arts.  Invited professionally certified facilitator to debrief results as part of in-service week.) Fall, 2015.

Certified, IRB Social, Behavioral, & Educational (SBE) Research, Stage 1 & Stage 2, CITI

*Dozens of other activities to model, support, and grow through professional development



I have a high level of familiarity with the following software applications and/or portals:


Microsoft Office Suite (all)

Desire 2 Learn & WebCT

Skype & WebX


Weebly & Wix

Twitter & YouTube


Soft Chalk & Respondus



SMART Board & Notes

Adobe Photoshop

Microsoft Movie Maker




Journal Record, 3/23/16 http://journalrecord.com/2016/03/23/stone-awarded-kamm-fellowship/

Daily Oklahoman, Oklahoma City, OK:  http://newsok.com/article/3537597

Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education website:  https://www.okhighered.org/       

National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys Bulletin, www.naela.org  

Edmond Sun, Edmond, OK: http://www.edmondsun.com/news/  




















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Professor of Science

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Bryan Gaston

Debate Coach

Heritage Hall High School

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Stephen Wanger

Associate Professor

Higher Education Leadership

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Bucky Dodd

Director of eLearning & Innovation

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Kerri Kearney

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Higher Education Leadership

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