Oklahoma State University-Oklahoma City

Bachelor of Technology in
Emergency Responder Administration

First responders are professional and volunteer police, firefighters, emergency medical professionals and security personnel. First responders have the ability to save lives, limit casualties, and reduce property damage both before and after a critical incident occurs.


It’s essential that first responders in today’s environment have:

  • The ability to lead, manage and motivate others during times of emergencies
  • The skills necessary to build confident multidisciplinary teams
  • The knowledge required to address challenging ethical situations that may arise in the line of duty.

Ambulance The Bachelor of Technology in Emergency Responder Administration is designed to provide the education and training necessary to equip first-line emergency responders with the technical and tactical skills to effectively coordinate emergencies in a manner that minimizes human and economic costs.


Check out the links to read more about the program, the courses students will take, application procedures and what the community is saying about this new degree. As the program develops, this website will be updated with the most current information.


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