Oklahoma State University-Oklahoma City


It is the policy of OSU-Oklahoma City to provide equal access to instructional, events, and promotional media used on or through OSU-Oklahoma City. OSU-Oklahoma City will provide accommodations to ensure effective communication. One way of accommodating individuals who are deaf/hard-of-hearing is to provide captioned or accessible versions of media. The definition of media for this purpose includes videos, DVDs, and all subsequent technologies. OSU-Oklahoma City will attempt to caption media in the following order of priority:

  • Media used for instructional purposes for a student who is deaf/hard-of-hearing and who is currently enrolled in courses at OSU-Oklahoma City;
  • Media used at a OSU-Oklahoma City event in which a person who is deaf/hard-of-hearing is known to be in attendance; and
  • Media used to promote OSU-Oklahoma City or for extracurricular purposes

Whenever possible, OSU-Oklahoma City will caption:

  • Other media created or used by OSU-Oklahoma City

Captioning Request Form

If you are an OSU-Oklahoma City faculty/staff member and would like to request captioning for media, please complete the Online Captioning Request Form


If you are an OSU-Oklahoma City student and need to request captioning and accessible media, please contact the OSU-OKC Disability Services Coordinator if you have not already done so to begin your request at 405-945-3385 or email emily.cheng@osuokc.edu.


Captioning Policies and Procedures