CONGRATULATIONS! You are ready to begin your practicum for the Alcohol and Substance Abuse Counseling degree program. This portion of the curriculum gives you the long awaited hands-on experiences that are so valuable to your learning.

In the enclosed packet, you will find a list of instructions to follow and forms to return before, during and after the completion of your practicum hours. Please be sure to read these forms carefully and direct any questions to the Course Instructor (Lisa Dillon) and/or Social Services Department Head (Ann Lowrance.) Failure to meet the requirements of the class will affect your grade so please be sure to ask if you have questions.

Remember that as you begin work at your site, you are liable to all policies relating to your placement as set by the University as well as your host site. Be familiar with all of this information and direct any questions you may have to the Social Services Department Head or your practicum site for clarification. Also, you must treat your time at the host site with the same regard, work ethic and level of personal responsibility you would a paid position. Remember that you could be working for a potential employer. This is your chance to do your best and to show them all of your potential!


I wish you well with this practicum experience!






Lisa Dillon, Division Head

OSU Oklahoma City Division of Human Services