Mid Term and Final Evaluation Instructions

CA 2243 Alcohol and Substance Abuse Counseling Practicum


**Please note: all paperwork described below is a mandatory part of placement in this course. Failure to complete it in a timely fashion or to turn it in to the instructor will affect your grade in the course.



1)            Be sure to record your daily practicum activity in your practicum log book. List total hours worked per day, then break those hours down per the Twelve Core Function areas.


2)            Once you have completed 100 hours of work experience, you need to take the MID TERM EVALUATION to the practicum site supervisor and have them complete it. This completed evaluation form may be mailed or hand carried to the practicum Instructor. This must be turned in as close to the midway point of the course as possible. Failure to do so will affect your grade.


3)            You need to check in with the course instructor throughout the semester as the instructor deems necessary. Check with the Instructor PRIOR to the beginning of the course to discuss this process.


4)            At the completion of the practicum experience (200 hours) have the practicum site supervisor complete the FINAL EVALUATION of your performance. Once complete, return it to the Instructor. The final evaluation as well as the other required documentation explained below must be turned in before a grade will be given in the course. While the FINAL EVALUATION asks the practicum site supervisor for a grade recommendation, the course Instructor will be the one to grade the student for the course.


5)            With the final evaluation, you need to also submit a 3-4 page type-written summary of your experience. Included in this summary, please describe your impression of the site and the field in general, the work you completed, your level of preparedness (personal and academic) for this placement, what you learned, your role at the facility, etc.


6)            At the conclusion of the course, you need to submit to the Instructor, the STUDENT EVALUATION of the site. This is your feedback to the Instructor about the facility.


7)            Turn all of this information in to the course instructor along with your LOG BOOK by the deadline set by the Instructor. Your final grade will be submitted as soon as all of the information is received.