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Our program revolves around the philosophy and implementation of Developmentally Appropriate Practices (DAP), which states that children reach their fullest potential in a nurturing atmosphere where learning is best achieved through concrete, creative, hands-on experiences within a play-centered environment. Our program believes that each child and family has value and must be treated with dignity, respect, and that each child will be recognized for their unique qualities, abilities and potential. The center will communicate effectively with all families regarding their child’s progress (NAEYC I-1.1), (NAEYC P-2.2).


The staff is specifically trained in the development of young children. Our environments provide rich experiences in creativity, language arts, math, science, social, emotional, and physical development for all children, which follow the Early Learning Guidelines set forth by the Department of Human Services. We understand that children demonstrate different modes of comprehension and a variety of methods of representing what they know. As a staff, we work closely with one another to provide consistency of care for all children and families throughout the day (NAEYC I-3A.2).


Our overall philosophy revolves around creating a caring community of learners, teaching to enhance the development and learning of all enrolled children, constructing appropriate curriculum, assessing children’s learning and development and establishing reciprocal relationships with families; including mutual respect, cooperation, shared responsibilities, and maintaining regular, two-way communication with children’s caregivers. (DAP).


By utilizing ethical practices, developmentally appropriate practices, and early learning guidelines, the children and families we care for are afforded quality care, allowing skilled staff and families to build life-long bonds.


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