General Education Goals

Goal Statement:

The general education curriculum is designed to help students develop math, science and communication skills; gain a sense of social, ethical, and cultural values; and appreciate the application of these values in a increasingly technological and global society.

Upon completion of the general education curriculum, students should be able to:

Departmental Goals

The chemistry student should able to demonstrate understanding of the role of science today and apply scientific principles by:

Chemistry 1104 - Basic Chemistry (L,N) Chemistry 2014 - Introduction to Organic Chemistry (L,N) 
Chemistry 1214 - Chemistry I (L,N)  Chemistry 2055 - Organic Chemistry I (L,N)
Chemistry 1314 - General Chemistry I (L,N) Chemistry 2155 - Organic Chemistry II (L,N)
Chemistry 1515 - General Chemistry II (L,N) Microbiology 2124 - Introduction of Microbiology

Dr. Armando L. Cruz-Rodz, Lead
Mr. Herschel Deibel
Dr. Dave Holder

Mrs. Becky Osmond
Dr. Darryel Reigh

Industrial Laboratory Technology - Chemical Technology
Industrial Laboratory Technology - Food Science

For More Information Contact:
Armando L. Cruz-Rodz, Ph.D.
Science Department Head &
Associate Professor of Chemistry
Sciences & Engineering Division
Health Technology Building, Room 300B
900 N. Portland Ave.
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73107
(405) 945-9148

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