Oklahoma State University-Oklahoma City


Approved Grants:

Account Number Request Form


To obtain an account number for an approved grant, new or renewal, the account number request form is to be completed and turned in along with the signed contract and corresponding budget information. The routing process of obtaining an account number for a grant takes approximately 3 - 4 weeks to complete.


Retroactive Cost Transfer Form – Retro:


The retroactive cost transfer form is used to make corrections to the grant accounts when a charge has either been applied to the wrong account or sub-code. The completed Retro form along with the supporting backup documentation is then channeled through Budget and Finance. Once received it is scanned and forwarded on to Stillwater for final processing.


Monthly Billing for Grant and Contract Accounts:

Each relevant department receives an FBM 90, FBM 91 and Labor Distribution Report 440 (LDR440).

  • The FBM 90 consists of the monthly expenses by sub-code and encumbrances as well as the available balance (See Ledger 5 FBM 90)
  • The FBM 91 consists of a detailed listing of the month’s expenditures (See Ledger 5 FBM 91)
  • The LDR440 consists of personnel costs associated with each grant or contract

If any mistakes are found on any of the above mentioned reports, please contact Brenda Smith at x632.