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Below is a list of the courses which Dr. Baker has taught at OSU-OKC, along with a brief description of each one.  Each course title is also a link to the most recent course syllabus for that course.

HIST 1483:  United States History To 1865

In this course, we trace the roots of European exploration, and tell the story of the establishment of the English colonies in North America, the struggle for Independence, early United States history, and the U. S. Civil War.  In this course, we spend much time discussing the non-political aspects of early American history, including intellectual, religious, and social movements, which played powerful roles in shaping our modern American culture.  Students who take this course are usually surprised at how interesting it is!  It is my favorite of the two United States history courses I teach.

HIST 1493:  United States History Since 1865

This course begins at the end of the U. S. Civil War with the Reconstruction Era.  After that, major topics include issues relating to the Industrial Revolution, the major challenges to traditional Christianity, the Progressive Era, the Roaring Twenties, the Great Depression and New Deal, World War I, World War II, the Cold War, and general political and social history since the Second World War.  Most students mistakenly believe they already know much of this history, but rarely do we ever have time to cover recent history within the lifetimes of most college students.  Therefore, it is definitely not an easier course than U. S. History To 1865.

HUMN 2103:  Ancient & Medieval Western Humanities

This course provides a sweeping overview of ancient Mesopotamia and Egypt, and then traces the major elements of and contributions to Western civilization through a study of the ancient Greeks, Romans, and Middle Ages in Western Europe.  We definitely have fun in this course!  A class project of the student's own choosing always helps the student's grade.  There is usually less stress in getting through the material in this course, which allows for a more relaxed classroom atmosphere.

HUMN 2733:  World Religions

The 5 major world religions of Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, and Buddhism are fairly thoroughly discussed in class.  And most students discover they do not know as much as they thought they did about Christianity.  We always have fascinating discussions!  It's definitely my overall favorite course to teach here!

PHIL 1013:  Introduction to Philosophy

As my former students already know, I'm actually a philosopher at heart and just use History and Humanities courses to teach philosophy anyway.  So I might as well teach an actual course in philosophy.  This course introduces the students to the deep philosophical questions which have been debated throughout Western civilization.  What is the nature of reality?  Does God exist?  What is knowledge and how do we obtain it, if at all?  What is good and what is evil?  What ethical principles should govern our lives?  These and many other questions, including political philosophy, are addressed in this course.  Please join us and have great fun while learning to think more deeply about the really important issues of life!

HIST 2513:  World History To 1500

This course provides the student with a large overview of world history from the birth of the first human civilizations to the end of the European Middle Ages.  Emphasis is on major political, military, intellectual, and religious events and movements that have shaped world history.

HIST 2533:  World History Since 1500

This course provides the student with an overview of world history from the end of the European Middle Ages to the modern era.  Emphasis is placed on major political, military, intellectual, and religious events and movements that have shaped world history.

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