Oklahoma State University-Oklahoma City

Humanities Department

The Humanities Department at OSU-OKC offers a wide array of important classes in the following areas: Art, Communication Studies, Composition, English, Humanities, Literature, Philosophy, Speech, Technical Spanish and Writing. The Humanities Department offers a variety of degree programs and courses of study. The Humanities Department is fascinated with how humans communicate, create, express, think and write. Our full and part-time faculty members are the best in the state. They boast scores of graduate degrees, honors and awards. They are dedicated professionals who are interested in helping you succeed. Dr. Karen Jobe serves as the Department Head of Humanities.


For more information about our department, please contact our Division Secretaries Brooke Gramling at (405) 945-6718.

Karen Jobe
Department Head English Associate Professor LRC340
http://www.osuokc.edu/jobekd jobekd@osuokc.edu
Teri Ferguson
Professor English LR306
http://mysites/personal/mteri/ teri.ferguson@osuokc.edu
Jennifer Poynter
Assistant Professor English LRC324
Jerald Rice
Associate Professor Technical Spanish LRC303
Dennis Smith
Associate Professor Humanities LRC307
http://www.osuokc.edu/smithdp smithdp@osuokc.edu