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National Weather Service Recognizes OSU-OKC as StormReady University

The National Weather Service recently named OSU-Oklahoma City a StormReady University. The title, which is only held by three other schools in Oklahoma, certifies that an institution demonstrates advanced safety and awareness procedures during weather-related emergencies.


“Being a StormReady university means being able to let the public know that we are doing all we can, notifying the campus appropriately to ensure that when an emergency situation arises, we’re monitoring it,” said Patricia Ragle, OSU-OKC Safety Director. “We’ve got a game plan to make sure everyone is as safe as possible.”


Effective communication during severe weather and consistent education of safety procedures are two major components that the StormReady advisory board and emergency management representatives look upon to be considered StormReady.


According to Ragle, some of the things that qualify OSU-OKC are its weather radios, 24-hour radars, plasma screens, the university’s social media outlets, as well as seminars and training sessions several times a year hosted by the office of Safety & Security.


“It’s not a question of if we’re going to have a tornado or severe weather; it’s a question of when,” said Rick Smith, Warning Coordination Meteorologist of the National Weather Service in Norman. “Having the commitment from the university to be ready for that kind of thing is a positive thing for anyone that’s affiliated with OSU-OKC.”


StormReady is a program that started in 1999 in Tulsa, Okla., aimed to help America’s communities with the safety skills needed to save lives and property before and during severe weather. Since its induction, StormReady has recognized 87 universities, 10 American Indian nations, 39 commercial sites, 21 military sites and 15 government sites nationwide.


For more information about the StormReady program, visit http://www.stormready.noaa.gov.

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OSU-OKC President Natalie Shirley; Rick Smith, National Weather Service Warning Coordination Meteorologist; Patricia Ragle, OSU-OKC Safety Director; Ronda Reece, OSU-OKC Vice President of Finance & Operations; and Ron Hill, OSU-Stillwater Emergency Operations Coordinator.