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OSU-OKC Student Life Office Streamlines Organizations with New Program

(August 29, 2013, Oklahoma City, OK) – OSU-Oklahoma City’s Office of Student Life recently brought an online community portal to campus that will improve communication, information sharing and collaboration between organizations and students.


OrgSync, a web-hosted platform, will allow students to use their OSU-OKC email accounts to take part in what is going on around campus and help them stay up-to-date with meetings, events, voting and overall club activity, according to Nate Adams, Coordinator of Student Development.


“Academics are obviously the highest priority at OSU-OKC, but being active on campus can provide so many benefits post-graduation,” Adams said. “We want our students to know that they can get involved here and gain leadership skills, all while meeting great people and having a great time.”


Kristi Pendleton, Director of Student Engagement, said OrgSync will provide Student Life an easy way to communicate important events and will allow students to add these events to their electronic calendar. It will also help students track their involvement in real-time and provide copies of their co-curricular transcript.


In OrgSync’s early days, President and CEO Eric Fortenberry and a group of friends housed and operated the company out of a five-bedroom house. In 2010, the company moved to Dallas into an office and began growing the team. OrgSync is currently working on their fourth expansion and are being used in more than 300 colleges and universities around the U.S., and a few in other countries, according to Fortenberry.


“We asked students why they weren’t more involved and, more often than not, they didn’t know when, they didn’t know where and they didn’t know how,” he said. “They didn’t want to have to jump through a million hoops.”


As for the future of OrgSync, Fortenberry says higher education is the main focus for now.


“We understand the value of being a student leader. We are going to continue to stay focused on higher education,” he said.


To log in to OrgSync, students can visit https://orgsync.com/login/oklahoma-state-university-oklahoma-city and use their O-Key email address.

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Pictured is OSU-OKC Director of Student Engagement Kristi Pendleton, OrgSync CEO Eric Fortenberry and OSU-OKC Coordinator of Student Development Nate Adams.