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OSU-OKC Division Head Awarded Coveted Kamm Fellowship

(March 22, 2016, Oklahoma City, OK) – Oklahoma State University-Oklahoma City (OSU-OKC) is proud to announce that Liberal Arts Division Head Jason Stone recently received the prestigious Kamm Fellowship from Oklahoma State University. Kamm Fellowship recipients are recognized for demonstrating promise and success in the areas of leadership, scholarship and service. The acknowledgment confers one year of free doctoral tuition.


“I am honored to be part of this accomplished group of [Oklahoma State University’s] finest,” Stone said. “Dr. Kamm’s emphasis on teamwork and discussion are still important and relevant today. I embrace that framework and apply those lessons in my role at OSU-OKC. To be invited to be a small part of this tradition of educational excellence is professionally exciting and personally significant.”


Stone is currently pursuing his Ph.D. in Higher Education Leadership & Policy Studies at OSU. His research focuses on massive open online courses, and how best to encourage participation and success. He has been published countless times in the Educational Policy Analysis Archives, Innovation Abstracts, and more.


“Jason Stone is an experienced scholar with an impressive background in teaching, research and service,” said Dr. Joey Fronheiser, OSU-OKC Academic Affairs vice president. “What is even more inspiring is to talk with him about his passion for teaching and commitment to his students and their success. It would be hard to imagine a better representative for excellence in pedagogy than Professor Stone.”


Stone was honored for his achievements at the annual Kamm Lecture in Higher Education in February. He will also be honored at an upcoming scholarship awards banquet scheduled for April 23 in Stillwater.


The Kamm Fellowship is named after OSU’s former president, Dr. Robert B. Kamm. His leadership style championed students, faculty and staff’s collective experience in higher education. “Dr. Kamm was an inspirational leader and his legacy lives on at OSU and beyond,” Stone said.


For more information about the Kamm Fellowship, visit http://education.okstate.edu/kamm.

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Kamm Fellowship recipient Jason Stone meets Dr. Susan Komives, the Kamm Lecture in Higher Education’s distinguished speaker.