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Behavioral Science Department Head Authors Textbook

Citing outdated information in one of her classroom textbooks, Oklahoma State University-Oklahoma City (OSU-OKC) Behavioral Science Department Head Dorothy Weaver penned her own. The book, “Social Problems in the 21st Century,” will be used in her Social Problems course. Weaver’s main goal is that students find the textbook useful.


Weaver’s writing process took about two years, while her research dates back to 2005 when she first began teaching social problems. She used existing lectures as her starting point and was able to build the foundation of the book using topics she knew her students were curious about.


“I know what my students usually find to be most confusing,” Weaver says. “Every year I was having to translate the book more and more for my students. Every year I had to compensate more for topics that were ‘dull’ because the approach to them was outdated.”


She credits her colleagues at OSU-OKC with their encouragement and intellectual support calling the campus a great place to teach as well as a good community for writing – a sentiment not shared by all college faculty, and something Weaver doesn’t take for granted.


“People here are really brave about talking about their own projects and generous with optimism and advice,” she says. “Many of my coworkers [at OSU-OKC] were willing to loan me a book or share a favorite definition or point out a new development in their discipline.”


The book is about social problems such as poverty, sexism, racism, violence, dysfunctions in government, the environment, the food system, and more. “Social Problems in the 21st Century” is available now in the OSU-OKC Bookstore through publisher Kendall Hunt.


“People aren’t going to read my book for fun. It is never going to make a bestseller list,” Weaver says. “But it is a good textbook, and I hope a lot of students find it useful.”

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Dorothy Weaver
OSU-OKC Behavioral Science Department Head
Dorothy Weaver