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OSU-OKC’s Child Development Lab School: Shaping the Future of Younger Generations

(February 3, 2015, Oklahoma City, OK) – OSU-Oklahoma City’s Child Development Lab School (CDLS) was recently awarded the recognition of a Certified Healthy Early Childhood program. Although there are more than 300 licensed child care providers in Oklahoma County, OSU-OKC was one of only six programs to achieve recognition.


Millions of children experience limited availability to safe and nutritionally adequate foods multiple times throughout the year, according to the President’s Council on Fitness, Sports & Nutrition. In addition, Oklahoma ranks below average for regular produce consumption.


Studies show that starting children off with good eating habits at an early age will lay the foundation for a healthier more fulfilling life. CDLS Director Kathy Richardson said not only is it essential for proper growth and development but also the eating habits created early continue throughout the child’s lifetime into adulthood.


“Early care providers have the responsibility to teach the importance of healthy lifestyle choices,” Richardson said. “The teachers in our program embrace the opportunity to encourage a healthy lifestyle by providing learning activities that teach the benefits of healthy eating and exercise.”


The Certified Healthy Early Care and Education Program was created in 2014 to recognize early childhood programs that are working to make health a priority for children, families and staff by providing wellness opportunities and implementing policies that lead to healthier lifestyles. The program is administered by the Oklahoma Turning Point Council and the Oklahoma State Department of Health’s Center for the Advancement of Wellness.


Oklahoma State University is currently America’s Healthiest Campus® and OSU-OKC is doing its part by helping to create a healthier environment and culture for the campus community.


Along with OSU-OKC’s CDLS, OSU-OKC’s Wellness Center has made a commitment to provide a variety of wellness opportunities for faculty, staff and students.


For more information on the Certified Healthy Early Care program, visit www.certifiedhealthyok.com/early-childhood-program.


For more information on OSU-OKC’s CDLS, contact Richardson at 405-945-3244 or rkathr@osuokc.edu.

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OSU-OKC CDLS preschoolers enjoy a healthy lunch.