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OSU-OKC Business Administration Student Works Toward Two Degrees

OSU-Oklahoma City business administration student Deryl Rae Sanders knows how to juggle. Instead of rings, clubs or balls, she juggles classes at two different colleges, OSU-OKC and the University of Central Oklahoma, in order to earn two different degrees.


“I never dreamed I could attend both schools,” Sanders said. “OSU-OKC has been so flexible.”


When Sanders was in high school, she watched as her friends attended four-year institutions. Since she couldn’t afford a four-year university, Sanders looked elsewhere for her education.


“I took an accounting class in high school and just loved it,” Sanders said. “I just kept at it when I came to OSU-OKC.”


With inspiration and assistance from faculty and staff at OSU-OKC, Sanders has continued to walk a tightrope toward earning her degrees.


“I’ve been really well prepared for my transition to UCO,” Sanders said. “I already know the material. I feel like I’m more familiar with the terms than other students.”


Sanders gives credit to her OSU-OKC professors who do more than lecture from the textbook. She describes the professors as engaging: giving real-world significance to course concepts. “It makes it easier to learn; I love it,” Sanders said.


Sanders will earn her associate degree in spring 2015, and her bachelor’s degree in spring 2016. She plans on becoming a certified managerial accountant (CMA).


For more information on OSU-OKC’s Division of Business Administration, visit www.osuokc.edu/business.

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Deryl Sanders
OSU-OKC and UCO student Deryl Sanders