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Broadening the Horizon: OSU-OKC Instructor Shares Love of Travel through Study Abroad

Oklahoma State University-Oklahoma City (OSU-OKC) psychology instructor Elizabeth Peters recently traveled overseas to host a “History of Psychology in Europe” study abroad program through Education First College Study Tours. Peters traveled with five students, three of which were OSU-OKC students. The travelers spent 10 days touring London, Paris and Amsterdam.


Sites in London included Charles Darwin’s home and gardens, Sigmund Freud’s home and museum, The Bethlem Royal Hospital and Archives (one of the oldest psychiatric institutions in the world), Big Ben, Houses of Parliament, St. Paul’s Cathedral, Buckingham Palace, Abbey Road and Studios, Westminster Abbey, London Bridge and the Tower of London. Sites in Paris included the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre Museum and Notre Dame Cathedral. Sites in Amsterdam included the famous “I AMsterdam” structure, the Van Gogh Museum, the Royal Palace and the Anne Frank House.


Peters recalls the most impactful takeaway for her was how emotionally struck she was while in the Anne Frank House.


“I have a teenage daughter myself, so when I walked through that dwelling and read the personal accounts, it broke my heart for the daughters of Otto and Edith Frank,” Peters says. “It broke my heart for all the Jewish people – and all affected – and made me want to learn more about the sociocultural history of Amsterdam and other occupied regions of that time.”


She says understanding that part of our history has major implications for us today. “What happened in Europe in the 1930s and 1940s is not a remote event. We see the same type of hatred today among people and the ripple effect is ongoing. On the other hand, those stories tell us about not only the extreme resiliency, courage, and hope in the face of extreme fear and uncertainty, but also the willingness to risk life to save another.”


Peters’ hope for the trip abroad is that the students she hosted were moved or deeply changed for the better. “Maybe they realized how wonderful America really is – luxuries were not as convenient in Europe for our groups – such as free public restrooms and convenient stores!”


Peters will host the History of Psychology study program for 2018, which will travel next May to Vienna, London and Amsterdam over the course of 11 days. The program counts as optional college credit. She plans to host a Holocaust tour in 2019.


Peters has taught at OSU-OKC since 2011 and started the college study program in 2016. “The goal of my trip was to give students an opportunity to study and experience travel abroad in a group setting while combining my own love for travel and learning about people, new places, and different cultures.


“Every person’s experience is different and personal. My hope is that they continue to travel, be curious, and keep asking questions.”


Eiffel Tower


Westminster Abbey


Westminster Abbey


Notre Dame


Bethlem Royal Hospital


London Bridge


Abbey Road


Sigmund Freud’s Famous Couch


Anne Frank House


Mona Lisa




Amsterdam Canal Tour


Big Ben


London vendor


Notre Dame


Eiffel Tower

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