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OSU Continues to Strengthen Transferability between Campuses

Students who attend OSU-Oklahoma City not only have the opportunity to earn a nationally respected associate’s degree or certificate from Oklahoma State University, but they now have an increased number of options to earn a bachelor’s degree through the Finish Orange initiative. Within the past year, OSU-OKC established 23 additional Finish Orange articulation agreements with OSU-Stillwater and OSU-Tulsa. These programs enable OSU-OKC students to seamlessly pursue four-year degrees within the OSU system.


Jamie Brown earned her associate’s degree in horticulture with an emphasis on landscape design at OSU-OKC and said because of the Finish Orange agreement the transition from OSU-OKC to OSU-Stillwater was effortless.


“It was very comforting to me knowing the hard work and money I had put into my education at OSU-OKC would transfer to Stillwater so I could pursue my bachelor’s,” Brown said. “The process to transfer was not difficult. The OSU-OKC and Stillwater staff members were very helpful.”


OSU-OKC recently recognized the added transfer agreements with a Finish Orange celebration on the OKC campus. OSU System President Burns Hargis, OSU-OKC President Natalie Shirley, and OSU-Tulsa President Howard Barnett attended to honor those who helped coordinate the 23 new transfer agreements. Among the three presidents were deans and division heads from the OSU-OKC, Tulsa and Stillwater campuses.


Assistant Provost and Director at OSU-Stillwater Cheryl DeVuyst, PhD, was integral to setting up the agreements between the OSU-Stillwater and OKC campuses.


“The Finish Orange transfer agreements not only provide pathways for OSU-OKC students to complete bachelor’s degrees, but they also strengthen collaborations between OSU System faculty and staff,” DeVuyst said. “We are energized to work together to help students achieve their educational goals.”


OSU-OKC President Natalie Shirley said it all started with only two agreements, then four more were added in 2013 and 23 new agreements added this year.


OSU-OKC students who earn an associate’s degree in agriculture, business, or science and engineering can now transfer to OSU-Stillwater or OSU-Tulsa and earn their bachelor’s degree. Several of these bachelor’s degrees can be earned fully in OKC through the Spears School of Business, which offers eight online transfer agreements. OSU-OKC Division Head of Business Administration Patti Ripple led the fulfillment of these articulation agreements with the Spears School of Business.


“With the help of Dean Ken Eastman at OSU’s Spears School of Business, we were able to add 10 articulation agreements to the Finish Orange initiative,” Ripple said. “Of those 10 agreements, eight are offered online. We are excited that future entrepreneurs and business leaders can now earn their OSU bachelor’s degree in OKC, largely without having to leave their homes in our state’s capitol.”


Further, OSU-OKC’s Division of Science and Engineering has three new agreements with OSU-Stillwater’s College of Engineering, Architecture and Technology. OSU-OKC Division Head of Agriculture Technologies Shawna McWaters-Khalousi added the other 10 agreements with the College of Agriculture at OSU-Stillwater.


“OSU started off as an agriculture school with a land grant, so it is only appropriate that we have these agreements with OSU-Stillwater,” McWaters-Khalousi said. “Our state’s future rests in having a workforce educated in all the career fields the OSU system provides and making these degrees accessible to all Oklahomans, regardless of where they live, is a fundamental component to our mission.”


OSU-OKC students can learn more about Finish Orange and meet with advisors from OSU-Stillwater and OSU-Tulsa at OKC’s Finish Orange office, which is located on the second floor of the Student Center.


For more information on Finish Orange, contact Chelsea Brandon at 405-945-3240 or crbrand@osuokc.edu. For a complete list of all 29 Finish Orange articulation agreements, visit www.osuokc.edu/FinishOrange.

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Pictured are OSU-Tulsa President Howard Barnett, OSU System President Burns Hargis and OSU-OKC President Natalie Shirley signing 23 more articulation agreements between OSU-OKC, OSU and OSU-Tulsa. OSU-OKC students can earn an associate's degree in OKC and transfer to OSU or OSU-Tulsa to earn a bachelor's degree.