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Staff Members Awarded for Significant Contributions to Community

Two OSU-OKC staff members were recently awarded for their significant contributions to the Oklahoma City community. OSU-OKC Division of Business Administration Academic Advisor Nate Goodwin and OSU-OKC Farmers Market Manager Hallie Williams were named to the 2016 Forty Under 40 and 2016 NextGen Under 30 honoree lists respectively.


Outside of his academic advising role on campus, Goodwin enjoys giving back to the local youth and senior citizens. He is a volunteer wish granter for the Make-A-Wish Foundation and owns Nate G’s Modeling Boot Camp.


“I get to grant the wishes of children who are diagnosed with life-threating medical conditions,” Goodwin says. “These children are the real heroes in life, and my heart and soul will be with them indefinitely. I love seeing children smile when they find out their wish has been granted and I am reminded on a daily basis how precious life can be.”


When Goodwin discovered he received the 40 Under 40 Award, he was elated and felt like he was living in a dream. Williams was also shocked and incredibly touched when she found out she was selected for the NextGen honor.


Williams stays busy managing the largest farmers market in the metro area. Since Williams was hired to manage the OSU-OKC Farmers Market, she has successfully implemented the acceptance of SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) benefits at the market, which has increased access to fresh food in the Oklahoma City community. She was also responsible, along with numerous other state and local partners, for funding and establishing a fruit and vegetable incentive program, Double Up, for SNAP customers at nine Oklahoma Grown farmers markets across the state.


“Having only lived in Oklahoma six years, I never imagined being able to make such an impactful difference in this community, let alone be awarded for it by the age of 26,” Williams said.


Goodwin admires that OSU-OKC faculty and staff put the wellbeing of the students first. “It’s truly a student-first campus,” he says. “My tangible goal is to improve student success rates on campus. Education is my passion and I won’t give up on believing in students and I will continue to strive for excellence.”


Williams’ favorite thing about working for OSU-OKC is that since being hired, she has been encouraged and pushed to grow both personally and professionally.


For the future, Goodwin would like to earn his Ph.D. through OSU. He aspires to one day be a university president so he can continue being a part of an educational team who helps students graduate and makes learning while working practical. Williams is currently working on her master’s degree in Agricultural Education and Non-Profit Management at OSU.


“I love that I share the same vision with OSU-OKC,” she says. “Because of that I am able to help fight hunger and improve community nutrition while supporting local small businesses and farmers. I know that my time and experience here at OSU-OKC is solidifying a great foundation for my career and the future shines bright.”


The okc.BIZ Forty Under 40 program honors exceptional individuals who have made a significant contribution to shaping the Oklahoma City landscape. Through redefining and improving business practices, advancing education and raising the bar for civic and artistic endeavors, Forty Under 40 honorees positively impact the greater Oklahoma City area. To find out more about Forty Under 40, click here.


NextGen Under 30 recognizes and encourages the next generation of innovative, creative and inspiring individuals who push the boundaries in various categories of endeavor. Award winners are selected based upon their participation in and contribution to their communities. To find out more about NextGen Under 30, click here.


For more information about the OSU-OKC Farmers Market, click here. To look into Nate G’s Modeling Boot Camp, click here.

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Nate Goodwin
Nate Goodwin


Hallie Williams
Hallie Williams