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Chances are you’ve heard about the recent tuition and mandatory fee increases that Oklahoma’s 25 public colleges and universities are making for the fall semester.


OSU-OKC was able to keep our increase of 2.4% far below the statewide average of 7.1% for two-year and community colleges and only raising our cost per credit hour by only $2.95. (Which equals a bump of $88.50 per year if you’re doing the math.)


Other two-year colleges in the Oklahoma City area are increasing tuition and mandatory fees by 4.9% to 8.3%, or as much as $10.55 per credit hour for the fall semester.


Here’s how OSU-OKC’s recent tuition and fee increase compared to other Oklahoma colleges and universities:

OSU-OKC 2.4%
Statewide average 5.1%
Two-year and community colleges 7.1%

We know students will feel any tuition increase, so we are committed to keeping the cost of a two-year education low and the opportunities high. Our students earn more after they graduate than those from other two-year colleges in Oklahoma because of the types of high-paying careers we train them for plus the power of an OSU degree.


At OSU-OKC, we will help you achieve a big-name degree at an affordable price. Whether you are getting an associate’s degree to go right to work in your chosen career, or plan to transfer to a four-year university, you will save more by starting here.


And, we believe figuring out how to pay for college shouldn’t be your hardest subject. We have financial aid counselors and advisors ready to help you find the answers you need.


Give us a call today and start earning your OSU degree in OKC.



Are you planning on being a full-time student? Based on 15 hours per semester (30 hours per year), OSU-OKC’s annual tuition is below the average of Oklahoma’s two-year and four-year public colleges and universities.

OSU-Oklahoma City annual tuition and fees $3,790
Average annual tuition and fees for two-year public Oklahoma colleges $4,208
Average annual tuition and fees for four-year public Oklahoma universities $8,856

Bottom Line: OSU-Oklahoma City’s annual tuition (including mandatory fees) is 10% cheaper than the average tuition at Oklahoma’s two-year public colleges, and 80% less expensive than Oklahoma’s public four-year universities.



Many students choose to pursue a degree on a part-time basis. Here’s a look at those costs.

Per Semester Part-time Student Costs Annual Part-time Students Costs (two semesters)
3 hours $376 $752
6 hours $752 $1,504
9 hours $1,128 $2,256


At OSU-OKC, you can finish your general education courses close to home at less than half the cost. Our advisors will help you find the best path to start here and transfer when you are ready.


Based on an enrollment of 30 hours per year (15 hours a semester), this is how OSU-OKC’s annual cost compares to four-year public universities in the Oklahoma City metro area.

OSU-Oklahoma City $3,790
University of Central Oklahoma $6,699
University of Oklahoma $11,312

Note: Fees may increase depending on your chosen major or program.

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