Oklahoma State University-Oklahoma City

If you believe your final grade or account balance is incorrect due to a processing error, or extraordinary circumstance, you may file an appeal for adjustment. The deadline for filing an Enrollment Appeal is six months from the date the grade was assigned, or six months from the semester in which the billing occurred. You are responsible for adhering to the policies and procedures written in the college catalog and/or class schedule regarding refund, billing, and drop/withdrawal deadlines. Written policy will take precedence over any verbal communication you may have with faculty, staff, or students at OSU-Oklahoma City. Failure to attend, drop a class, or receive financial aid does not relieve you of your financial obligation to the institution.


You assume the burden of proof for your appeal. Documentation supporting the your position is required and is to be submitted by uploading the documents or providing hard copies to the Admissions Office. Submitting an appeal does not warrant automatic approval. A letter of approval or denial will be emailed to you from the Registrar. Please allow 30 business days for your appeal to be processed.


Please note: The enrollment appeals process does not change a grade in which you are in dispute with the instructor of record over the final grade that was assigned. These situations are considered through the grade appeal process and should be directed to the Office of Academic Affairs (AD 200).