Oklahoma State University-Oklahoma City

The OSU-Oklahoma City Renewable and Sustainable Energy degree program offers students the opportunity to enter into one of the most important fields of study for the next century. Through the program, students will be trained to prepare for a number of different industry fields ranging from onsite solar and wind energy systems, geothermal heating and cooling systems, residential energy auditing, advance green building systems, and understanding the LEED Building system.


The program is designed to provide students with the education they will need to excel in their chosen path. It is through programs like this that the demand for educated and skilled individuals within the renewable energy industry will be filled. Through OSU-OKC, students are given an education in the ever-evolving industry.


Designed to be a renewable energy education hub for Oklahoma, the course offered at OSU-OKC focuses on the needs of today’s energy industry. Striving to provide training opportunities for students looking to enter the energy workforce, OSU-OKC is leading the way in Oklahoma to provide an educated workforce that will be able to meet the demands of tomorrow’s industry. OSU-OKC aims to provide the best education in renewable and sustainable energy allowing graduates to develop into successful, meaningful carriers in the energy industry.


Enjoy exploring your future in the OSU-OKC Renewable and Sustainable Energy degree program. Please feel free to stop by our facility located at 900 N. Portland Ave. in the Engineering Technologies Building and experience what the excitement is all about!


For more information contact:

Terry Clinefelter
Department Head, Construction
OSU-Oklahoma City
Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Division
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