Oklahoma State University-Oklahoma City

Computer Information Systems

Computer information systems is an exciting field that presents many opportunities for a student proficient in both software applications and business problem-solving. Skills acquired in this program enable the student to solve problems encountered when working in this ever-changing and growing field. The development and use of computers in business and industry creates an ever-increasing demand for highly qualified professionals to formulate and solve the problems of today and the future, involving programming languages and software applications, as well as computer operations.


With four separate emphases, in accounting, business information systems, computer game programming, and technical support, the curriculum provides diverse career options. In the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Division, students learn hands-on in laboratories with state-of-the-art computers, laser printers and operating systems.


The United States Office of Technology Assessment estimates that 80 percent of all jobs are computer-related. The skills acquired in this program will be directly applicable in a wide variety of businesses and industries, including manufacturing firms, computer centers, governmental agencies, accounting firms, microcomputer support firms, transportation industry, financial firms, legal firms, banking industry and training firms.


A few of the potential job opportunities available to our graduates include computer programmer, PC (personal computer) technical support, computer help desk support, computerized trainer, computer operator, database manager, production analysts, microcomputer support and office management. Degree emphases include accounting, business and information systems (transfer option), and computer technical support.


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René Hurst, M.Ed.
Department Head, Information Systems & Technologies
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