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Gardens of the John E Kirkpatrick Horticulture Center:


The Sensational Garden

The Sensational Garden The Sensational Garden on the grounds of the John E. Kirkpatrick Horticulture Center is a unique garden containing plants with qualities that make them especially enjoyable to the blind, partially sighted or handicapped visitor. It was built with funds donated by The Oklahoma City Council of Garden Clubs and Friends of the Oklahoma City Horticulture Center at Oklahoma State University - Oklahoma City.


The Sensational Garden Many textures can be found in the garden. From the exposed aggregate sidewalk and boulders used in the raised beds to a variety of trees and shrubs with various types of leaves and barks. Sighted as well as the blind visitor will marvel at the unusual textures found in plants such as Artemesia, Lambs Ear, Slash Pine and the many types of Junipers.


The Sensational Garden The sense of sound is also stimulated in the Sensational Garden. From the sound of the breeze rustling through the leaves and needles of the trees and shrubs to the splashing sounds of the garden waterfall. Many people enjoy sitting and listening to the sounds of the garden.


The Sensational Garden And of course what garden would be complete without a variety of delightful fragrances? The Sensational Garden is full of wonderful aromas and fragrances that will entice every visitor. Everything from the soft fragrances of Phlox and Pansy to the herbal aromas of Lavender, Peppermint, Thyme, and Rosemary can be enjoyed by sighted visitors as well as the unsighted.



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